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WayForPay is a European-based payment processing service provider. This technology offers online payment solutions that help merchants, particularly those involved in e-commerce, to accept and process payments in a seamless and secure manner. Its services are primarily designed for businesses that want to offer various payment methods for their customers, including credit/debit card transactions, internet banking, and electronic money transfers.

The services offered by WayForPay include online acquiring, a loyalty program, an E-invoicing solution and loans system, combined to offer a comprehensive financial solution for businesses and their customers. This broad suite of features empowers a variety of industries, including retail, hospitality, and service providers, to streamline their payment methods, improve user experiences and increase transaction security.

One of the standout features of WayForPay is their online acquiring system. This feature enables businesses to accept payments over the internet. By integrating WayForPay's API into a business's website, payment processing can be done directly on the site, improving the customer's checkout experience. This system supports multiple currencies and various payment methods, making it possible for businesses to cater to an international customer base.

The E-invoicing feature provided by WayForPay allows businesses to create and send invoices to their clients electronically. Through this feature, businesses can monitor their invoices in real time, making their financial operations more transparent and manageable.

Moreover, WayForPay's loyalty program allows businesses to reward their customers with discounts or points for every purchase made using their services. This not only encourages customer loyalty, but also enhances the overall user experience.

In terms of security, WayForPay uses modern encryption technologies to ensure that transactions are secure. This covers data protection and fraud prevention, complying with international standards such as PCI DSS.

For businesses requiring customer financing, WayForPay also provides a loan system which allows businesses to offer retail installment loans to their customers. This feature gives customers the flexibility to make purchases and pay later, thus potentially boosting sales.

In order to use WayForPay, businesses typically need to open a merchant account with WayForPay and integrate the provided API into their website or application. This can be done by developers using the API documentation provided by WayForPay. Once this is set up, the business can start accepting and processing payments using the WayForPay system.

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26 companies are currently using WayForPay


Crypto Crew

the fastest-growing and t..

27 Employees$33K - $43K$79K ukraine39%Export

speed up your fundraising..

4 Employees$9K - $40K$75K united states ..65%Export
Development Foundation of..

🔹️ assistance with the p..

4 Employees$33K - $14K$53K ukraine89%Export

helping people prevent or..

2 Employees$24K - $30K$61K ukraine71%Export
Емірати Сьогодні

перше україномовне медіа ..

3 Employees$33K - $36K$80K united arab em..61%Export
Anti-corruption Research ..

acrec is the first interd..

7 Employees$24K - $18K$80K ukraine41%Export

travel company

47 Employees$12K - $45K$81K ukraine35%Export
Urban Space Radio

Медіа-платформа, що займа..

3 Employees$44K - $22K$72K ukraine77%Export
Python for You

"Python for You" combine ..

2 Employees$40K - $14K$77K ukraine84%Export

Лидер в сегменте продаж с..

6 Employees$28K - $38K$56K -100%Export
Global Age Management Aca..

Твоя экосистема в сфере A..

3 Employees$37K - $23K$69K ukraine51%Export
Українська Освітня Фундац..

Допомагаємо актуалізувати..

5 Employees$48K - $9K$69K ukraine15%Export
We are Ukraine

the repository of truth a..

47 Employees$5K - $20K$73K ukraine21%Export
ГО "Ми Різні - Україна Єд..

we are a volunteer public..

1 Employees$38K - $41K$60K ukraine47%Export

Solvergy - innovative too..

2 Employees$4K - $8K$81K ukraine27%Export

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Using WayForPay for finding leads

This comprehensive list provides an overview of companies utilizing WayForPay, a prominent payment processing service provider based in Europe. Representing an extensive range of industries, this list can serve as a powerful tool in the arsenal of any forward-thinking sales team.

The most obvious value of this list comes from the insight it provides into the business technology strategies of different companies, particularly in the payment processing realm. From start-ups to mature companies, a broad spectrum of businesses use WayForPay to accept and process customer transactions.

In terms of lead generation, the volume and diversity of companies presented can undeniably serve as a rich source. For example, a sales team with solutions that complement or augment WayForPay's capabilities can use this list to pinpoint potential customers. Furthermore, those offering competitive or alternative payment processing solutions can identify prospects looking to diversify their payment processing platforms or even considering a complete switch.

This enumeration can also be leveraged to identify market trends or to forecast future tendencies based on the demographics of the companies using WayForPay. For instance, understanding the industries where WayForPay is most popular can help sales teams target their efforts more effectively. While the size of the companies using WayForPay could indicate the scalability of their products or services.

To summarize, this list of companies using WayForPay fosters lead prospecting in multiple ways. It helps identify potential customers, evaluate market trends, and even target sales efforts based on a company's demographics. Hence, it holds immense value for sales teams seeking to expand their prospect base and increase their effectiveness in the market.

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