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UK Mail, also known as DHL Parcel UK, is a postal service company operating in the United Kingdom. The company provides a variety of mailing services to both individuals and businesses, including parcel delivery, mail forwarding, and international shipping.

UK Mail offers various options for sending parcels, such as next-day delivery, standard delivery, and timed delivery slots. They also provide tracking services, allowing customers to monitor the progress of their deliveries.

In addition to its domestic services, UK Mail offers international shipping to over 220 countries worldwide. The company has partnerships with major carriers like DHL, enabling them to offer competitive rates and reliable delivery times.

UK Mail has a strong focus on customer service, with dedicated teams available to assist customers with any queries or issues they may have. The company also invests heavily in technology, using advanced software and automation systems to streamline their operations and improve the efficiency of their services.

Overall, UK Mail is a reliable and convenient postal service provider, offering a range of options for both domestic and international shipping. With a strong commitment to customer service and innovative technology, the company is well-positioned to meet the evolving needs of its customers in the modern era of e-commerce and online shopping.

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50 companies are currently using UK Mail



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the all-in-one solution t..

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The Hoxton Mix

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Eden New Life Ltd

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3 Employees$31K - $24K$93K united kingdom..67%Export
Cotterell and Co.

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18 Employees$25K - $31K$61K united kingdom..77%Export
Mustang Hygiene Ltd

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8 Employees$36K - $15K$92K united kingdom..53%Export
CBD Relieve Ltd

2 Employees$23K - $27K$98K united kingdom..68%Export
Clean For Less

5 Employees$44K - $11K$62K united states ..96%Export
Mustang Cleaning

2 Employees$38K - $12K$89K united states ..62%Export
Cotterell & Co

1 Employees$1K - $31K$62K united kingdom..12%Export

2 Employees$46K - $43K$59K united kingdom..83%

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Using UK Mail for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing UK Mail as their postal service can offer immense value to sales teams in numerous ways.

Firstly, this list unveils a pool of potential B2B clients that acknowledge the importance of robust postal services in their business operations. Hence, vendors of postal or logistics related solutions could find this list particularly profitable, as these companies are already investing in such services and might be open to solutions that improve their operations.

This list also works as a source of insight. By understanding the sectors, sizes, and types of businesses that utilize UK Mail, sales teams can intelligently fine-tune their strategies and target similar businesses that might not yet be benefiting from their solutions. This actionable information can increase sales conversion rates, saving both time and resources.

Recognizing businesses that depend on UK Mail services helps align a product's or service's value proposition with client's needs. If a sales team's offering complements or outperforms the UK Mail service in certain aspects, they can emphasize these advantages to prospective clients by drawing direct comparisons.

Lastly, the list can aid in competition analysis. By identifying companies that rely on UK Mail, sales teams can explore for potential gaps in the provided services and exploit them to differentiate their product offering and gain a competitive edge.

Overall, a collection of companies using UK Mail serves as a valuable asset for sales teams aiming to find potential leads while optimizing their strategy for improved outcomes.

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