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Bpost is the national postal service company of Belgium, responsible for handling and delivering mail within the country as well as internationally. It is also known as the Belgian Post Group. Bpost offers various services including standard and express mail delivery, package delivery, banking, and insurance services for individuals and businesses. Bpost operates a network of post offices and letterboxes across Belgium and has partnerships with other postal service providers around the world to ensure efficient international mail delivery.

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391 companies are currently using Bpost


BOSKA Food Tools - B corp..

food tools for life!

67 Employees$30K - $27K$58K netherlands95%Export
House of Einstein

looking good, made easy. ..

13 Employees$8K - $3K$63K netherlands55%Export

dress like you

465 Employees$10K - $2K$96K belgium90%Export

enthousiast & excellent

337 Employees$7K - $7K$99K netherlands61%Export
Fixmer Belgium

wholesale made personal

95 Employees$14K - $46K$99K belgium87%Export
bpost banque / bpost bank..

we are an open, stable an..

916 Employees$6K - $44K$85K belgium13%Export
Zolemba B.V.

print your style!

23 Employees$6K - $22K$50K netherlands64%Export

the #1 sustainable luxury..

10 Employees$35K - $26K$82K belgium20%Export
Schoenen Torfs

sterk in je schoenen

265 Employees$11K - $15K$55K belgium49%Export
Open the Fridge

homemade fresh ideas and ..

4 Employees$44K - $45K$54K belgium58%Export
Le Soir

repensons notre quotidien..

231 Employees$42K - $17K$94K belgium24%Export

phone-factory.nl - al 8 j..

20 Employees$18K - $6K$72K netherlands92%Export

voor een duurzame relatie..

3 Employees$39K - $44K$67K netherlands83%Export
Wijnhandel Van den bussch..

wijnhandel van den bussch..

3 Employees$7K - $44K$82K belgium64%Export
Juwelo TV Deutschland Gmb..

echte juwelen. beste prei..

99 Employees$42K - $5K$84K germany44%Export

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Using Bpost for finding leads

The list of companies using Bpost can be a pivotal resource for sales teams seeking to find new leads. Bpost, known for its delivery of national and international mail, is utilized by numerous businesses and can, therefore, serve as a window into potential business opportunities and partnerships.

Being aware of which organizations rely on Bpost’s services can provide vital insights into the operational aspects of these firms. The ability to deliver national and international mail demonstrates a company's scale and reach, indirectly indicating its potential market size and business scope. Moreover, it can shed light on their customer demographics and areas of operation, valuable data which could be strategically used to optimize sales advertising and marketing efforts.

Furthermore, this list allows sales teams to isolate different categories of enterprises and understand their needs better, thus enabling more effective and personalized sales approaches. For instance, companies that rely heavily on logistic services such as Bpost might benefit from solutions that streamline their operations, reduce costs, or expedite their package transit times.

Gaining insights into a company’s needs can facilitate the discovery of potential gaps in their operations where a sales team’s product or service can provide the solution, making this list of companies a significant source of potential leads. Moreover, techniques like these can be advantageous in crafting customized proposals, thereby increasing the chance of conversion.

Potential customers who already utilize Bpost's services may be more open to additional complementary solutions, providing an array of opportunities for cross-selling or upselling. These factors combined can significantly aid a sales team's efforts to identify, target, and establish profitable relationships with potential customers who are all users of Bpost.

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