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Thrive Comments is a WordPress plugin that replaces the default commenting system on your website. It is designed to help you increase engagement and interaction with your audience by providing a more user-friendly commenting experience. With Thrive Comments, you can customize the look and feel of your comment section, enable features like upvoting and threaded replies, and even moderate comments in real-time. This plugin also comes with features like social media login options, email notifications, and the ability to add images or videos to comments. By using Thrive Comments, you can build a stronger community around your content and encourage more sharing and discussion among your visitors.

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290 companies are currently using Thrive Comments


The Grey Legal Group, APC..

12 Employees$40K - $33K$54K united states ..69%Export
Marshall Communications

an award-winning boutique..

20 Employees$28K - $49K$84K united states ..86%Export

uncover and benefit from ..

3 Employees$18K - $22K$54K canada62%Export

24 Employees$23K - $19K$54K united kingdom..96%Export
Utopia Solutions

full service software tes..

18 Employees$16K - $49K$90K united states ..19%Export
Teltech Group

teltech group delivers ex..

96 Employees$15K - $46K$93K united states ..58%Export
The Scalable Company

we help entrepreneurs sca..

23 Employees$17K - $45K$77K united states ..40%Export
Aging Outreach Services

the experts in aging well..

41 Employees$5K - $43K$86K united states ..55%Export
Europa Ayurveda Centrum

our mission is to get ayu..

7 Employees$47K - $10K$76K netherlands61%Export
Apollo Answering Service,..

18 Employees$46K - $16K$83K united states ..76%Export
Engage Web

helping grow your busines..

12 Employees$27K - $14K$70K united kingdom..46%Export
Earth-Based Institute

9 Employees$8K - $38K$92K united states ..56%Export

amazing tech stories

30 Employees$30K - $24K$90K pakistan29%Export

independent new media and..

18 Employees$5K - $29K$78K türkiye4%Export
Comme une Française

9 Employees$27K - $12K$80K france22%Export

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Using Thrive Comments for finding leads

The list of companies using Thrive Comments presents a valuable sales prospecting tool, providing not only the names of potential leads but also offering deeper insights about their usage behaviors and preferences. In an ecosystem where businesses strive to engage visitors and drive conversions using interactive features, understanding which companies use Thrive Comments serves as a stepping stone in shaping efficient sales strategies.

Thrive Comments is a popular WordPress plugin adopted by businesses to enhance their on-site user engagement. Its user base contains a diversified set of companies, all of which appreciate the value of visitor interaction and feedback to build a more responsive and dynamic website experience.

Sales teams can leverage this list to identify companies that value user engagement and interaction, driving their sales pitches to address these requirements with suitable solutions or services. Given the importance of online interactions in today's digital brand-building efforts, these companies are likely to be open to innovative products or services that amplify user engagement, potentially leading to successful conversions.

Additionally, this list can facilitate competitive analysis and benchmarking efforts. By understanding what type of companies use Thrive Comments, and how they employ it to enhance visitor interaction, sales teams can tailor their offerings to match or exceed these standards, enabling a competitive edge in their business dialogues. It's a candid window into the prospect's business approach towards customer interaction and engagement, feeding valuable insights into the sales strategy formulation.

In essence, the value of the list of companies using Thrive Comments lies in its function as a focused, efficient lead generation and qualification tool. It serves to streamline prospecting efforts, while also offering crucial insights into potential leads' priorities and preferences, thereby enabling sales teams to customize their approach for higher conversion rates.

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