ThemeIsle Menu Icons
Companies using ThemeIsle Menu Icons

ThemeIsle Menu Icons is a plugin that allows website owners to add icons to their menu items. This gives the website a modern look similar to the latest dashboard menu. With this plugin, you can easily customize your website's menus and make them more visually appealing for users. The plugin is easy to use and does not require any coding knowledge. You can choose from a wide selection of icons and customize their size and color to match your website's theme. Adding icons to your menu items has been shown to improve user experience and make navigation easier. With ThemeIsle Menu Icons, you can create a professional-looking website without spending a lot of time or money on design.

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37,680 companies are currently using ThemeIsle Menu Icons


Wayfarer Studios

a purpose-driven creative..

49 Employees$41K - $32K$55K united states ..1%Export
The Catalyst Group

aspiration into impact. e..

17 Employees$19K - $10K$94K united states ..38%Export

excellence by technology:..

13 Employees$32K - $12K$93K netherlands86%Export
Altix Consulting

business strategy and ope..

40 Employees$45K - $1K$65K united states ..99%Export
Fortnight Collective

better hustle™.

30 Employees$42K - $41K$99K united states ..85%Export

hacemos que tus empleados..

25 Employees$31K - $34K$94K spain4%Export

ai powerhouse for qa, ins..

18 Employees$2K - $14K$68K netherlands93%Export
HJ Sims

hj sims: wealth managemen..

1,207 Employees$42K - $25K$80K united states ..8%Export

experts at putting the ri..

46 Employees$40K - $42K$93K united kingdom..79%Export
The Hill Times

expert, non-partisan poli..

47 Employees$17K - $43K$77K canada23%Export

complete email security f..

41 Employees$32K - $19K$92K united states ..100%Export

innovation accelerated

94 Employees$4K - $34K$77K united states ..51%Export
Metrion Biosciences

experts in ion channel bi..

48 Employees$2K - $31K$57K united kingdom..78%Export

curemetrix supports the r..

42 Employees$9K - $48K$54K united states ..88%Export

shrinking carbon emission..

195 Employees$12K - $28K$82K united states ..3%Export

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Using ThemeIsle Menu Icons for finding leads

The list of companies which utilize the ThemeIsle Menu Icons plugin provides a wealth of opportunities for sales teams. This list enables sales professionals to identify potential clients who are invested in enhancing their WordPress website's navigation and overall user experience.

First and foremost, this list offers a pre-qualified set of prospects. It identifies organizations that already see the value in improving their website's navigation, making them more likely to be interested in additional products or services related to website design, user experience, or WordPress enhancements.

Moreover, the list can be used as a resource to research prospects' business and online presence more thoroughly. A company's investment in a navigational enhancement such as ThemeIsle Menu Icons implicates a commitment to maintaining an intuitive and user-friendly website. This information may effectively inform the tailor-made sales pitches that highlight products or services designed to further improve, optimize, or manage such online experiences.

Finally, the list could reveal patterns or trends within certain industries or business sizes that are more likely to use the ThemeIsle Menu Icons plugin. These insights could be invaluable in defining market segments and developing a targeted sales strategy.

In summary, with this list, sales teams have a direct avenue to explore potential leads who have shown a defined interest in website improvements, particularly through navigational enhancements provided by technologies like ThemeIsle Menu Icons. This resource intends to save time on prospecting, enable more effective research, and guide the creation of personalized and compelling sales pitches.

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