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Statsig is a product experimentation platform that enables product teams to measure the impact of each feature they release. It facilitates continuous measurement and helps teams make data-driven decisions about their products. With Statsig, teams can easily create experiments, collect data, analyze results, and make informed decisions based on the outcomes. Statsig offers a range of tools and features that enable product teams to monitor key metrics in real-time, set up A/B tests, and track the performance of different features. Its user-friendly interface and flexible integrations also make it easy for developers and product managers to work together to streamline the feature development process. Overall, Statsig is a powerful tool for product teams looking to optimize their product development process and deliver high-quality features that meet the needs of their users.

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68 companies are currently using Statsig



accelerate product growth..

66 Employees$23K - $20K$92K united states ..76%Export
Dandelion Chocolate

single origin bean-to-bar..

74 Employees$37K - $17K$85K united states ..83%Export

virtual offices and event..

27 Employees$40K - $50K$81K united states ..24%Export
Grow Therapy

quality therapy that’s co..

1,377 Employees$32K - $17K$78K united states ..99%Export
Your Super

as a b corp certified com..

37 Employees$37K - $45K$83K united states ..44%Export

better together. we're lo..

85 Employees$19K - $37K$89K united states ..63%Export
Moon Juice

intelligent self care®

73 Employees$2K - $10K$98K united states ..88%Export
Organic Basics

designed in copenhagen. m..

23 Employees$33K - $46K$89K denmark43%Export

create gorgeous, interact..

56 Employees$36K - $7K$99K israel96%Export

the leading crypto portfo..

77 Employees$12K - $47K$64K united states ..87%Export
Bower Collective

natural household & perso..

18 Employees$46K - $12K$70K united kingdom..32%Export
XP Health

transforming vision care...

64 Employees$46K - $14K$98K united states ..100%Export
UMoveFree Apartment Locat..

65 Employees$18K - $2K$82K united states ..57%Export
Dread Central Media, LLC

31 Employees$22K - $7K$56K united states ..70%Export
Black Point Seafood

we aim to redesign how pe..

8 Employees$36K - $46K$54K united states ..60%Export

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Using Statsig for finding leads

This curated list presents businesses embracing the utilization of Statsig, a modern product experimentation platform enabling continuous measurement of the impact of every introduced feature. It presents a potent resource for sales teams in their lead prospecting efforts.

Sales teams can leverage this list in multiple ways:

  1. Targeted Prospecting: Using this list, identify organizations already aware of the importance of product experimentation and continuous impact assessment. Present your solution as the next step to enhance this process.

  2. Understanding the Market: Witness industry trends and understand which sectors most commonly utilize Statsig, potentially revealing unexplored market segments.

  3. Informed Conversations: Engage in insightful discussions with potential leads about their experiences with Statsig. Use this information to align offerings suitably, demonstrating how your solution can optimize their processes further.

  4. Competitive Analysis: Determine the businesses using Statsig to understand your competition better. Analyze their strengths and shortcomings and pivot your selling strategy accordingly.

  5. Up-selling and Cross-selling: For businesses offering complementary services, this list acts as a useful resource for up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

In essence, this roster of companies employing Statsig provides sales teams with vital lead prospecting data, assisting in shaping highly tailored outreach strategies, thus fueling pipeline growth and enhancing conversions.

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