Beamer is a platform that enables businesses to manage and share new product releases, feature updates, and bug fixes with their clients. It allows companies to keep their customers updated about the latest developments in their products and services through notifications, changelogs, and feedback collection. Beamer also provides detailed analytics on user engagement and feedback, helping businesses make data-driven decisions on their product rollouts. With its easy-to-use interface and customizable settings, Beamer streamlines communication between businesses and their customer base, facilitating faster feedback loops and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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751 Companies using Beamer


product analytics, sessio..

40$29K - $1K$313K united states ..85%

helping sales teams find ..

1,143$10K - $13K$5M united states ..79%
Engagedly Inc

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128$19K - $21K$100K united states ..75%

building artificial intel..

99$13K - $22K$8M united states ..2%

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24$33K - $34K$6M united states ..92%
Avicanna Inc. (TSX:AVCN)

driving biopharmaceutical..

59$8K - $3K$78K canada61%
NeuMed Modern Urgent Care..

urgent care reimagined. i..

10$42K - $27K$0 united states ..93%
Plan A

plan a enables thousands ..

171$33K - $14K$68K germany100%

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1,311$37K - $9K$2B united states ..100%

121$39K - $43K$25M united states ..83%
Nimbus Platform™ (Nimbus ..

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36$25K - $23K$2M united states ..37%

Imagine a place

3,591$24K - $50K$1B united states ..100%

139$17K - $40K$2B united states ..100%
CMO Alliance

connecting and empowering..

118$26K - $39K$88K united states ..69%

elastic is the leading pl..

3,631$17K - $12K$81K united states ..2%

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How to use Beamer

Beamer is a platform designed to help businesses manage and share new product releases, feature updates, and bug fixes with their customers. It provides an easy-to-use interface that can be customized to match your brand's look and feel.

To use Beamer, the first step is to sign up on their website and create a new account. Once you have created an account, you can start creating new posts about your product or service updates. Beamer uses a simple WYSIWYG editor for creating posts, allowing you to add text, images, and videos.

Once you've created a post, you can publish it on your website by embedding a Beamer widget. This widget is customizable and can be added to any page of your website. Customers can then view your posts directly on your site, without having to navigate away to another page.

Beamer also provides analytics to help you understand how well your posts are performing. You can see how many people have viewed a particular post, how long they spent reading it, and even which parts of the post they found most interesting.

Finally, Beamer offers a variety of integration options, allowing you to connect it to other platforms such as Slack, Trello, and Intercom. This allows you to streamline your workflow, making it easier to manage your product or service updates.

In summary, Beamer is a powerful tool for managing and sharing product or service updates with your customers. Its customizable interface, easy-to-use editor, and analytics tools make it an ideal choice for businesses looking to keep their customers informed and engaged.

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