Companies using SpotHopper

SpotHopper is an online platform designed for restaurants to help them with marketing and generating revenue. It provides a range of tools and features to help restaurant owners increase their online presence, attract more customers, and streamline their operations. With SpotHopper, restaurants can create targeted email campaigns and promotions, manage their social media accounts, and offer online ordering and delivery services. The platform also offers a range of analytics and reporting tools, allowing restaurants to track their performance and make data-driven decisions. Furthermore, SpotHopper integrates with various third-party services such as POS systems, reservation platforms, and review sites to provide a seamless experience for the restaurant owners. Overall, SpotHopper is a comprehensive solution that helps restaurants grow their revenue and streamline their operations in the increasingly competitive digital landscape.

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2,365 companies are currently using SpotHopper


Spirit Hound Distillers

for informed enthusiasts ..

15 Employees$5K - $49K$63K united states ..94%Export
Ray's Restaurants

award-winning menus, fres..

79 Employees$6K - $9K$80K united states ..6%Export
The HUB Stadium

active entertainment, eve..

31 Employees$4K - $17K$59K united states ..25%Export
Ten20 Craft Brewery

bringing people together ..

13 Employees$22K - $23K$59K united states ..39%Export
Crust Simply Italian Rest..

authentic east coast ital..

31 Employees$10K - $24K$88K united states ..9%Export
Esoteric Brewing Co. LLC

a brewery committed to cr..

3 Employees$41K - $16K$82K united states ..43%Export
Trinity Groves

a mixed-use restaurant an..

29 Employees$21K - $37K$82K united states ..79%Export
Smartmouth Brewing Co., L..

make beer. think beer. ta..

11 Employees$16K - $40K$65K united states ..61%Export

bar | bites | sports

17 Employees$35K - $9K$85K united states ..22%Export
The Spot Neighborhood Gri..

burgers, salads, wings, s..

13 Employees$7K - $35K$81K united states ..28%Export
Sushi Marquee

13 Employees$6K - $38K$94K united states ..50%Export

dam good times

33 Employees$12K - $35K$62K united states ..30%Export
Ponko Chicken

we are home to the award-..

29 Employees$14K - $43K$55K united states ..58%Export
Northwest Brewing Company..

epic beer with no boundar..

11 Employees$35K - $39K$83K united states ..13%Export
CRAVE Catering & Events

full-service catering for..

41 Employees$19K - $28K$74K united states ..11%Export

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Using SpotHopper for finding leads

The list of companies using SpotHopper represents a significant opportunity for sales teams scouting for leads. SpotHopper is employed extensively across the restaurant industry as an integrated marketing and revenue enhancement platform. Any corporation using this tool is likely invested in advancing their marketing efforts and optimizing their online sales, creating potential entry points for various sales propositions.

Companies on this list have already shown interest in technology-enriched solutions to augment their operations, indicating a propensity toward innovation and change. This attitude can make these firms more receptive to pitches related to modernizing their operations or optimizing their performance with cutting-edge solutions.

By having access to a list of companies that use SpotHopper, sales teams can accelerate their prospecting efforts. They can pre-qualify leads based on their likelihood to adopt similar technologies or related services, thereby increasing conversion rates. This list is a pre-determined audience, reducing the time spent on audience segmentation and validation.

Additionally, understanding the typical SpotHopper customer can offer vital insights into industry trends, assisting in refining services or products to better match these trends. Plus, the data can serve as a springboard for crafting more customized and effective sales messages tailored to the needs and concerns of this specific business category.

In conclusion, the value of the list of companies engaged with SpotHopper is multi-dimensional. Not only can it streamline prospecting efforts, but it also provides priceless insights that can feed into a stronger, more pertinent sales strategy. For all these reasons, it proves to be an indispensable resource for sales teams looking to net valuable leads in the restaurant industry.

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