Companies using is a no-code web development platform that integrates with Notion, the hub for team collaboration where users can write, plan, and get organized. Notion is a popular tool, known for its flexibility and the simplicity it brings to managing work, so its integration with sets a foundation for a user-friendly experience in building websites.

The platform allows individuals and teams to turn Notion pages into full-fledged websites without writing any code, making it an optimal solution for those without extensive programming knowledge.

In terms of functionality, offers a range of features to enhance the website building process. Among these are custom domains, which allow users to apply personalized web addresses rather than default URLs, thus helping to maintain a robust and professional web presence.

SEO optimizations are also included. These are vital improvements that help increase the website's visibility on search engines. More visibility can equate to more traffic, leading to potentially increased engagement or conversions.

The platform offers speed optimizations as well, which is an essential factor in website performance. Fast-loading pages can enhance user experience and even play a part in improved search rankings.

Regarding usage, once the user has created their pages and content in Notion, they would use to make these pages public by converting them into a website. This process involves setting up the Notion page, signing in to, selecting the Notion page to be used, and then choosing to convert it into a live site. During this process, users can customize their website by adding a custom domain if they wish.

With, there's the opportunity to create various types of websites from blogs, personal, project, product, or company information pages to full portfolios or interactive forums. Therefore the tool is aptly suited for different uses depending on the user's needs.

Namely,'s key strengths lie in its seamless integration with Notion, the simplicity and accessibility of its no-code approach, and the additional features designed to increase website performance and visibility. It's a tool that democratizes the web development process, making it accessible and easy even for non-technical users who wish to maintain a robust online presence.

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three trees (3t) accelera..

5 Employees$24K - $25K$92K singapore96%Export

it governance & managemen..

1 Employees$44K - $10K$59K netherlands15%Export
Marielle Briant Consultin..

i help early-stage, start..

1 Employees$22K - $31K$70K united states ..87%Export
Jack Barba

Inspired by timeless desi..

2 Employees$4K - $40K$78K united states ..46%Export
Creators & Innovators

crafting digital products..

1 Employees$31K - $14K$66K netherlands1%Export

- Employees$33K - $32K$53K germany26%Export
Seminole Church Of Christ..

- Employees$6K - $46K$54K united states ..20%Export

Our live video operations..

- Employees$49K - $7K$57K -18%Export

Using for finding leads

The list of companies using offers noteworthy value to sales teams. Showcasing businesses from varying industries that leverage, the roster serves as a rich source of leads who have already demonstrated an interest in no-code websites development solutions. They represent a target audience who value ease-of-use, rapid development, and user-friendly interfaces, which are integral features of

This list is an effective tool as it can guide sales prospects towards businesses that value innovation and are open to no-code solutions. This insight allows sales teams to tailor their approach and offer relevant solutions, thereby increasing their chances of successful prospecting.

From startups to established enterprises, any business shown to be using is potentially open to associated products or services that complement or enhance their current web development process. Marketing automation tools, digital strategy consulting, web design services, or even other no-code apps used for distinct business processes might be of particular interest.

Furthermore, by analyzing this list, sales teams can identify patterns and shared characteristics amongst these companies. This information can provide a robust foundation for developing buyer personas, guiding product development, refining sales strategies, and even improving overall business understanding.

Prospects identified via the users list may also serve as the starting point for a broader lead prospecting initiative. Indeed, these businesses might have connections to other potential leads within their industry or network, thus widening the pool of possibilities.

In sum, the list of companies making use of is a vital tool for sales teams. It presents an overview of businesses receptive to no-code development tool, and thus can be leveraged to refine sales strategies, tailor offerings, and ultimately secure more leads.

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