Companies using Recapture

Recapture is a web-based tool designed to recover abandoned carts and send marketing emails to customers who have not completed their purchases. It offers features such as automated email marketing campaigns, cart recovery tracking, and customizable email templates. Recapture provides e-commerce businesses with an easy and effective way to reduce cart abandonment rates, increase sales and improve customer engagement. By setting up trigger-based email campaigns that are sent automatically when an item is left in the cart or a purchase is incomplete, Recapture helps businesses to re-engage with potential customers and encourage them to complete their transactions. Additionally, Recapture tracks the status of abandoned carts and provides insights and analytics to help businesses optimize their email marketing campaigns. Overall, Recapture is a powerful tool that can help businesses grow their sales and improve customer retention by recovering lost sales through targeted email campaigns.

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228 companies are currently using Recapture


STEMCELL Technologies

committed to advancing sc..

2,033 Employees$38K - $22K$93K canada99%Export
DZEE Textiles LLC

luxury towels, linens and..

39 Employees$38K - $4K$68K united states ..75%Export
Acculi Labs Pvt Ltd

non-invasive primary prev..

5 Employees$27K - $2K$63K india56%Export
Grey Dynamics

intelligence not informat..

10 Employees$8K - $21K$96K united kingdom..83%Export
Premier Safety

experts you can trust.

125 Employees$37K - $33K$59K united states ..67%Export
Martin Dawes Ltd

experts in retail and rep..

26 Employees$16K - $26K$81K united kingdom..50%Export
WHC Baltimore- Will Holme..

business management & tec..

6 Employees$27K - $18K$74K united states ..35%Export
Darex IND Inc

35 Employees$32K - $8K$94K united states ..73%Export

home interior (kitchens a..

63 Employees$25K - $11K$51K united kingdom..53%Export
laser experts inc

offering field repair ser..

10 Employees$28K - $18K$80K united states ..45%Export
Springfield Museums

five plus one equals fun!..

82 Employees$23K - $43K$65K united states ..34%Export
Remote PR Jobs

every week, get 30+ remot..

5 Employees$18K - $27K$99K united states ..77%Export
Tile Merchant Ireland

we transform houses into ..

20 Employees$7K - $39K$54K ireland47%Export
STARS HazMat Consulting

hazmat solutions as uniqu..

6 Employees$17K - $44K$97K united states ..46%Export

protecting jewish childre..

5 Employees$42K - $31K$63K united states ..93%Export

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Using Recapture for finding leads

The list of companies using Recapture presents a pool of potential customers actively seeking solutions to enhance their ecommerce business. Through Recapture, these businesses aim to recover abandoned carts, implement email remarketing, and increase overall conversion rates.

Studying such a list can provide sales teams with valuable insights into current industry demands and trends. This knowledge may inform and adapt the sales process, helping to tailor pitches and demonstrations to specific needs and pain points.

Moreover, this list could indicate which industries, market segments, or even geographies are more prone to these types of ecommerce issues. This granular understanding could initiate more targeted and effective marketing strategies, accelerating lead generation.

By exploring interactions and experiences with Recapture, sales teams could also identify possible performance gaps or additional functionalities that businesses might be seeking. This invaluable information could offer competitive differentiators, thus influencing lead prospecting positively.

For sales teams providing ancillary technologies or services, this list can function as a broader prospect map. Businesses using Recapture could also benefit from related solutions like analytical tools, CRMs, or UX optimization services, widening the outreach scope.

Therefore, a regularly updated and comprehensive list of companies using Recapture presents an excellent resource for sales teams seeking to understand and engage with ecommerce businesses better, ultimately aiding in successful lead prospecting.

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