Really Simple CAPTCHA
Companies using Really Simple CAPTCHA

Really Simple CAPTCHA is a WordPress plugin designed to provide an easy-to-use CAPTCHA system for various purposes. It is primarily meant to be used with other plugins, such as Contact Form 7, to prevent spam submissions from bots on websites. The CAPTCHA system generates random images with distorted characters that users must type in a box to prove they are human. The plugin verifies the input and lets users proceed with the form submission if successful. It's a simple yet effective way to add an additional layer of security to forms on websites. While Really Simple CAPTCHAwas originally created for use with Contact Form 7, it can be used with any other plugin that requires a CAPTCHA system.

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168 companies are currently using Really Simple CAPTCHA



dar lo mejor

1,400 Employees$20K - $30K$52K spain97%Export
Public Sector Software Lt..

helping authorities, inde..

6 Employees$48K - $27K$93K united kingdom..59%Export
Premier Brokerage Service..

26 Employees$35K - $27K$88K united states ..52%Export
Insurance Solutions Group..

4 Employees$8K - $39K$66K united states ..20%Export
Creative Courseware, Inc

3 Employees$15K - $20K$58K united states ..83%Export

14 Employees$46K - $38K$69K united states ..91%Export
MAG TechGroup

innovative it solutions t..

1 Employees$8K - $49K$61K united states ..20%Export

cloud based - permit to w..

17 Employees$25K - $10K$73K united kingdom..13%Export

3 Employees$18K - $4K$84K united states ..5%Export

starke software mit einer..

30 Employees$37K - $7K$90K germany38%Export
arotop Sensory Insights

marktforschung hautnah er..

7 Employees$40K - $26K$61K germany81%Export
delta aktiv GmbH

gemeinsam ans ziel

11 Employees$40K - $13K$83K germany94%Export
Antimonopoly Law Office

приверженность конкуренци..

13 Employees$46K - $26K$92K russian federa..85%Export
Outdoor Gelderland

meer dan paardensport!

4 Employees$21K - $17K$90K netherlands62%Export

wij ontzorgen u jaarlijks..

5 Employees$37K - $49K$96K netherlands61%Export

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Using Really Simple CAPTCHA for finding leads

Having access to a curated list of companies utilizing Really Simple CAPTCHA technology can be a powerful resource. Such a list encapsulates a wealth of businesses keen on enhancing their digital platforms' security, particularly those using WordPress as their Content Management System (CMS).

Firstly, this list can help sales teams identify potential leads interested in cybersecurity and WordPress compatible solutions. If a company is already using Really Simple CAPTCHA, it clearly values online security and seeks effective and streamlined means to protect its digital assets. As such, these companies may be receptive to other security-related products or services.

Secondly, since Really Simple CAPTCHA is designed to work primarily with other plugins, such as Contact Form 7, companies on this list likely use WordPress and its plugins extensively. Hence, they may be prospective clients for add-on services or complimentary WordPress plugins.

Also, sales teams can leverage synergies between Really Simple CAPTCHA and other tools. By observing the context of its use in different companies, they can fine-tune their offering and approach to align with the potential lead's business needs.

To summarize, a list of companies using Really Simple CAPTCHA is a proactive intelligence resource for sales teams looking to target leads who place a high value on online security, have a potential requirement for WordPress-related offerings, and demonstrate a willingness to integrate various technological solutions to protect and enhance their digital presence.

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