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Pixlee TurnTo is a platform that provides several marketing solutions to community-driven brands. It offers social user-generated content (UGC), ratings and reviews, and influencer marketing features. The social UGC solution helps brands showcase their customers' content on their website and social media channels. The ratings and reviews feature allows customers to leave feedback on products or services, which can be used to improve the brand's offerings. The influencer marketing feature enables brands to work with influencers to promote their products. This platform aims to foster engagement and trust between the brand and its customers by leveraging user-generated content and customer reviews.

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655 companies are currently using Pixlee TurnTo


r.e.m. beauty by Ariana G..

beauty that transcends. ..

46 Employees$24K - $48K$83K united states ..62%Export

quality shades that won't..

46 Employees$37K - $1K$69K united states ..18%Export

premium accessories brand..

333 Employees$27K - $50K$70K united states ..70%Export

ethically made basics.

411 Employees$13K - $42K$92K united states ..21%Export

experiment with flavor

64 Employees$9K - $39K$52K united states ..50%Export

head up, wings out!

49 Employees$1K - $32K$56K united states ..40%Export
Lucy & Yak

leaders of the comfort mo..

102 Employees$14K - $47K$66K united kingdom..11%Export

leading the way in innova..

85 Employees$22K - $26K$90K united states ..15%Export
Palladio Beauty Group

palladio beauty = botanic..

36 Employees$43K - $38K$82K united states ..51%Export
Jones Soda Co.

the people's craft soda

104 Employees$30K - $13K$89K united states ..5%Export
Samuel & Sons

the leader in luxury inte..

174 Employees$41K - $10K$82K united states ..44%Export
CPO Commerce

powering your projects si..

102 Employees$25K - $22K$92K united states ..29%Export
Power Stop LLC

brake upgrades made easy

119 Employees$34K - $26K$64K united states ..76%Export
LIFEAID Beverage Company,..

fitness drinks for every ..

74 Employees$11K - $13K$83K united states ..95%Export
Scout Design Studio

we're not for everyone. n..

32 Employees$41K - $46K$65K united states ..63%Export

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Using Pixlee TurnTo for finding leads

A meticulously compiled list of companies utilizing Pixlee TurnTo offers immense value to sales teams in several key ways. It allows sales professionals to target business prospects that already value the integration of innovative web technologies into their operations, specifically those that focus on social UGC, influencer marketing, and customer reviews.

Investigating companies that are using Pixlee TurnTo can provide sales teams with a better understanding of the brand's profile: the types of products or services they offer, customer base, and their broader business strategy. This insight can be leveraged to fine-tune a sales pitch to align with the prospect's business model, existing technologies, and market position.

Furthermore, since Pixlee TurnTo is known for its capacity to facilitate community-driven branding and marketing, organizations using this tool are likely to value the power of communities and customer feedback. Therefore, products and services that complement or enhance these capabilities are likely to pique their interest.

Having a list of Pixlee TurnTo users enables sales teams to conduct a more efficient and effective prospecting process. Precise segmentation based on specific tech usage allows for a focused marketing approach as opposed to blanket strategies. This equates to time saved, marketing resources used efficiently, an improved conversion rate, and eventually, an increase in sales revenue.

Moreover, engaging with companies that already utilize Pixlee TurnTo presents room for upselling and cross-selling opportunities. Whether the offering complements the Pixlee solution, or even if it's a competitive solution with enhanced features, the list is a valuable asset.

The potential of this list extends beyond current users of Pixlee TurnTo. It might also include prior users, providing an opportunity to target companies with solutions that overcome the challenges or limitations they experienced with Pixlee TurnTo.

In conclusion, the list of companies utilizing Pixlee TurnTo can pave the way for better prospect targeting and promotion of tailored solutions, ultimately leading to improved sales efficiency and profitability.

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