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PhpPgAdmin is a web-based administration tool for managing PostgreSQL databases. It provides a user-friendly interface to perform various tasks such as creating databases, tables, and users, executing SQL queries, and managing database objects like views, triggers, and indexes. PhpPgAdmin allows users to easily interact with PostgreSQL databases through a web browser, making it accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. It supports multiple server connections, role-based authentication, and has features like data import/export, table editing, and query execution. With PhpPgAdmin, users can efficiently administer their PostgreSQL databases without needing to use the command-line interface or other complex tools.

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6 companies are currently using phpPgAdmin



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2 Employees$20K - $19K$89K united states ..91%Export
Cement Center

3 Employees$8K - $16K$65K hungary88%Export
Sün Balázs Óvoda

3 Employees$36K - $12K$69K hungary74%Export
Tekin Group

2 Employees$3K - $32K$87K united states ..31%Export

- Employees$4K - $30K$64K hungary49%Export
Bauma Hungária Kft

- Employees$32K - $1K$57K hungary26%Export

Using phpPgAdmin for finding leads

The list of companies using phpPgAdmin is a valuable resource for sales teams aiming to find relevant leads. This compilation offers insightful touchpoints into the broader ecosystem of businesses that manage PostgreSQL databases using phpPgAdmin, a widely-used, open-source web-based interface.

Sales teams can leverage this list to identify companies already aware of the benefits and usability of phpPgAdmin, making it easier to pinpoint potential customers for related services and product offerings. Also, such a list indicates businesses that have a focus on robust database management, signalling a demand for solutions that complement or enhance their existing stack.

For instance, vendors offering PostgreSQL database enhancements, cloud services, or web development solutions can use this list to target businesses potentially needing their services. Sales teams can also derive understanding about sectors heavily relying on phpPgAdmin, thus gathering industry-specific insights to tailor their pitches or develop industry-focused solutions.

By understanding the technology's usage across diverse businesses, the list offers sales teams the chance to streamline their lead generation process, making their efforts strategic, focused, and potentially more productive.

Thus, the list of companies using phpPgAdmin becomes a thriving ground for lead prospecting, facilitating a more effective route to targeted, efficient, and successful sales activities.

Alternatives to phpPgAdmin

Thera are a total of 5 alternatives available for phpPgAdmin

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