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Adminer is a free and open-source database management tool that allows users to manage their databases through a user-friendly web interface. It supports various database management systems such as MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQL, Oracle, and MongoDB. Adminer has a simple but powerful interface that allows users to perform basic operations like creating and editing tables, running SQL queries, importing and exporting data, managing users and privileges, and more. It is lightweight, easy to install, and does not require any configuration or installation of additional libraries. Adminer also provides advanced features such as support for multiple languages, customizable appearance, plugins, and the ability to execute shell commands. Overall, Adminer is a great alternative to popular database management tools like phpMyAdmin, and it is widely used by developers, system administrators, and database managers to manage their databases efficiently.

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27 companies are currently using Adminer


Reports Monitor

monitor your market throu..

9 Employees$17K - $27K$80K india99%Export

5 Employees$34K - $9K$81K france8%Export
Bergkvist-Insjön AB

vi är ett av sveriges stö..

23 Employees$27K - $16K$61K sweden32%Export
ACZ, spol. s r. o.

7 Employees$41K - $47K$51K czechia94%Export

1 Employees$3K - $17K$73K indonesia98%Export
Agencia Marion | Inbound ..

Hacemos que tus futuros c..

2 Employees$6K - $38K$70K mexico80%Export
Constance Investment Ltd

Constance Investment is a..

1 Employees$42K - $32K$89K cyprus20%Export

Song Bandit is de manier ..

1 Employees$13K - $44K$76K -2%Export
Koruna Academy

Courses and Education / C..

1 Employees$44K - $9K$55K slovakia82%Export
Penha Materiais De Constr..

4 Employees$26K - $5K$81K brazil36%Export
Lycos Software

2 Employees$24K - $26K$97K -13%Export

3 Employees$45K - $3K$95K lithuania5%Export
Bergkvist Sågen

3 Employees$36K - $28K$56K sweden

2 Employees$26K - $20K$91K united states ..71%
Rio Iaco Participacoes

- Employees$37K - $42K$97K brazil6%Export

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Using Adminer for finding leads

A curated list of companies utilizing Adminer offers invaluable insights for sales teams aiming to recognize market trends, identify potential clients, and better understand the needs of businesses within the web technologies sector. The such list enables businesses to understand who is benefitting from database management through Adminer, offering visibility into an extensive range of potential clients.

Sales teams can utilize this list to pinpoint companies that understand and appreciate the power of intuitive database management, allowing them to narrow down their lead prospecting efforts. By recognizing which organizations employ Adminer, sales teams can customize their strategies accordingly, thereby increasing their chances of success in landing the deal.

Moreover, this catalog of Adminer-using companies is beneficial to discern the market trends about this technology deployment. Sales teams are enabled to spot prevalent technology usage patterns. By monitoring which sectors or industries predominantly use Adminer, sales teams can tailor their prospecting approaches and messaging to industry-specific challenges and needs, resulting in effective and personalized sales pitches.

Finally, the assembly of these companies provides sales teams with a clear picture of potential competition within the database management marketplace. Understanding where and how Adminer is being used gives teams a broader understanding of the competitive landscape, aiding them in their future strategic decision making.

In conclusion, a list of companies that use Adminer is a powerful resource for sales teams. It can fast-track lead generation and prospecting efforts, help understand market trends, enable crafting a tailored approach, and provide visibility into the competitive landscape within the realm of database management technologies.

Alternatives to Adminer

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