Companies using PageFly

PageFly is an app designed for Shopify that enables the creation of a wide range of pages, including landing pages, product pages, blogs, and FAQs. With its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options, PageFly makes it easy to design and publish professional-looking pages without requiring advanced coding skills. Using PageFly, you can access pre-designed templates, drag-and-drop elements, and customize settings like fonts, colors, and layout to create a unique page that meets your needs. Additionally, PageFly offers features such as SEO optimization, mobile responsiveness, and integrations with other apps, helping you to increase your page's visibility and functionality. Overall, PageFly is a powerful tool for creating visually appealing and effective pages for your Shopify store.

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5,426 companies are currently using PageFly


Aldous Bio

productos sostenibles, h..

16 Employees$46K - $29K$79K spain92%Export

a behavior change technol..

26 Employees$25K - $47K$54K united states ..35%Export
Facetheory | B-Corp | Sus..

we believe in beauty, sci..

47 Employees$43K - $22K$97K united kingdom..40%Export

a single sweater for all ..

6 Employees$1K - $17K$51K united states ..76%Export
Renewal Mill

upcycled ingredients that..

6 Employees$25K - $18K$56K united states ..61%Export
Flawsome! Drinks

we give wonky fruit a cha..

12 Employees$45K - $9K$99K united kingdom..80%Export

perfecting indoor climate..

29 Employees$16K - $2K$96K united states ..18%Export
SoyMomo® - AI Products fo..

ai products for family sa..

41 Employees$30K - $31K$58K united states ..27%Export
ecoATM Gazelle

powering the smartphone a..

382 Employees$14K - $41K$52K united states ..8%Export
Won Hundred

womenswear and menswear -..

35 Employees$2K - $24K$82K denmark30%Export
NuGo Nutrition

only protein bars coated ..

39 Employees$37K - $2K$73K united states ..10%Export

the camera for apple watc..

22 Employees$37K - $8K$82K united states ..11%Export
Jones Soda Co.

the people's craft soda

104 Employees$9K - $3K$94K united states ..36%Export
Leadership IQ

award-winning leadership ..

5 Employees$5K - $29K$98K united states ..23%Export
Underground Cellar

Upgrading Your Wine Exper..

46 Employees$20K - $3K$51K united states ..13%Export

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Using PageFly for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies using PageFly offers an invaluable resource for sales teams seeking to find promising leads. By providing insights into businesses already leveraging PageFly, an app designed for Shopify, the list helps pinpoint potential clients who value high-quality digital storefront solutions, from landing pages to product pages, blogs, and FAQs.

Utilizing this list, sales teams can effortlessly uncover organizations likely to invest in similar technologies or services. These companies have already shown their commitment to enhancing their online presence using PageFly, indicating they might be open to other solutions that complement their current setup or offer improvements in customer engagement, e-commerce performance, or digital marketing effectiveness.

Multiple advantages come from using this list:

  1. Identify Industry Trends: Sales teams can analyze which sectors predominantly use PageFly, helping them tailor their pitch to industry-specific pain points and enhance their lead acquisition effectiveness.
  2. Competitive Insight: Production of details about enterprises that are employing PageFly might assist in gaining insights into the competition's client base and strategy.
  3. Personalized Outreach Strategy: Studying a lead's existing technology stack can assist in delivering a more personalized and effective sales pitch or demonstration that correlates with their known preferences.

In summary, this list of companies lends a competitive edge to sales teams, guiding them to leads that are already technologically-inclined and likely responsive to tools that enhance their e-commerce operations, streamline their workflow, or support them further in their e-commerce journey. It's not just a list of companies, but a pathway to understanding potential client needs and crafting effective sales strategies.

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