Companies using Newspack

Newspack is an open-source publishing platform designed for small to medium-sized news organizations that functions as a preconfigured WordPress theme. It was created with the intention of providing these publishers with an affordable and reliable option for managing their online presence.

Newspack is different from other WordPress themes in that it is "opinionated," meaning it has clear, best-practice positions on technology, design, and business practices for news publishers. For example, it includes features that are specifically geared towards news sites, such as easy integration with Google Analytics, social media sharing options, and newsletter sign-up forms.

Additionally, Newspack offers a variety of plugins and tools that can help news organizations generate revenue through advertising, subscriptions, and donations. The platform also provides support and resources to help publishers create high-quality content and build engaged audiences.

One of the key benefits of using Newspack is its affordability. As an open-source platform, it is available for free, and the development costs are subsidized by grants from organizations such as the Google News Initiative, which allows newspapers to focus their resources on producing quality journalism rather than building and maintaining a custom web platform.

Overall, Newspack is a powerful and flexible platform that offers small and medium-sized news organizations a cost-effective way to manage their digital presence, generate revenue, and provide high-quality journalism to their readership.

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355 companies are currently using Newspack


Fort Worth Report

independent, paywall-free..

29 Employees$34K - $25K$67K united states ..52%Export
Block Club Chicago NFP

dedicated to delivering r..

43 Employees$44K - $16K$66K united states ..73%Export
Wisconsin Watch

wisconsin watch

24 Employees$6K - $42K$96K united states ..8%Export
QCity Metro

charlotte's premier onlin..

11 Employees$27K - $11K$53K united states ..61%Export
Signal Cleveland

local journalism serving ..

21 Employees$20K - $36K$97K united states ..51%Export
Music Ally

we are a knowledge compan..

35 Employees$6K - $16K$67K united kingdom..90%Export

connecting capital across..

24 Employees$32K - $38K$92K united states ..77%Export

journalism rooted in fact..

29 Employees$38K - $40K$82K united states ..44%Export
San Antonio Report

nonprofit journalism for ..

30 Employees$38K - $39K$63K united states ..96%Export
Capital B

news we need

24 Employees$21K - $26K$65K united states ..61%Export

tecnología, ciencia y cul..

19 Employees$8K - $39K$76K spain9%Export

noozhawk is the leading o..

27 Employees$33K - $30K$94K united states ..6%Export

your trusted, authentic, ..

11 Employees$22K - $50K$79K united states ..33%Export
Sahan Journal

telling stories that matt..

19 Employees$46K - $43K$67K united states ..19%Export
Haitian Times

the most authoritative vo..

35 Employees$17K - $24K$85K united states ..86%Export

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Using Newspack for finding leads

The list of companies using Newspack offers significant potential for sales teams interested in targeting publishers, especially those in the small to medium sized news organizations sector. This group of companies has already demonstrated a willingness to engage with modern technologies designed to streamline and improve their operations, particularly in regards to publishing practices.

Leveraging this list can be highly efficient for sales teams. It allows them to identify and engage with companies who are relevant to their products or services. For example, companies providing services or creating technology complementary to Newspack such as analytics tools, advertising platforms or content optimization services will find this list particularly useful.

Potential leads from this list are also likely to be technologically literate and open to new, innovative solutions. These qualities make them prime candidates for sales pitches that highlight technological benefits.

Moreover, utilizing the list can save precious time usually spent on prospecting. Sales teams can dive right into engagement and nurturing activities, as the initial step of qualifying the companies' suitability has already been established.

Finally, companies in this list are likely to have common needs and pain points (such as scalability, monetization, or content management), which sales teams can address directly in their outreach and connection efforts, making their approach more personalized and relevant.

In summary, this curated list of Newspack users is a gold mine of warm leads for sales teams, bypassing the need for cold outreach and enhancing the effectiveness of their sales campaigns.

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