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Launchrock is an online tool that enables users to quickly and easily create landing pages for product launches. It provides a variety of templates that can be customized to capture email addresses and generate buzz about upcoming product releases. With Launchrock, users can create shareable links to their landing pages and track the number of visitors and sign-ups they receive. This data can then be used to refine marketing strategies and optimize launch plans. Launchrock also provides integration with popular email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Constant Contact, making it easy to export captured email addresses for further communication with potential customers. Overall, Launchrock is a valuable tool for startups and entrepreneurs looking to build excitement around their products and grow their customer base.

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172 companies are currently using Launchrock



4 Employees$38K - $12K$56K united states ..10%Export

the missing link between ..

2 Employees$14K - $43K$61K united states ..70%Export


4 Employees$25K - $22K$94K united states ..85%Export

Not just any body, your b..

2 Employees$3K - $7K$84K united states ..45%Export

le média en ligne des pro..

1 Employees$36K - $36K$55K france1%Export
Dream It Make It INC

bringing ideas to light

2 Employees$4K - $36K$55K united states ..52%Export
Meograph, Inc.

3d people from 2d video

2 Employees$44K - $46K$58K united states ..97%Export
ATTN: Students

a mobile learning platfor..

2 Employees$37K - $3K$81K united states ..87%Export
Bright Society

1 Employees$48K - $16K$62K united states ..97%Export
Running Reload, LLC

thrill in getting it done..

1 Employees$1K - $50K$99K united states ..36%Export
Camp Jam LLC

13 Employees$15K - $40K$77K united states ..54%Export
LandDragon LLC

1 Employees$2K - $31K$76K united states ..91%Export
Forest Design Ltd

3 Employees$17K - $40K$94K ireland5%Export
Diplloid Inc.

1 Employees$36K - $35K$76K canada8%Export
Rockway Asset Management

Opportunity at the inters..

3 Employees$21K - $4K$75K united states ..24%Export

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Using Launchrock for finding leads

With the list of companies that use Launchrock, sales teams can identify potential leads from an extensive range of businesses. This list comprises companies of various sizes, hailing from diverse industries, which employ Launchrock to generate product launches and grow their subscriber lists.

Since these organizations leverage the power of Launchrock's email collecting and product launching capabilities, it signifies that they value building an audience and are more likely to be interested in products or services that can enhance their email marketing, user engagement, audience expansion, or overall campaign management.

The value of this curated list lies in its comprehensive nature, offering key insight into the broad market which acknowledges the indispensability of effective launches and audience engagement. With these details, sales teams can construct targeted pitches highlighting how their offerings could align with the potential lead's demonstrated marketing interests and needs.

Moreover, businesses featured in the list represent potential networks of customers, partners, and influencers. For B2B ventures, these organizations could be an opportunity to pitch products or services that compliment the Launchrock platform or cater to the needs of companies in the growth or launch phase.

Additionally, the list helps sales teams in segmenting their outreach based on a company's size, industry, or product genre. Knowing that a company uses Launchrock might also give sales teams insight into the organization's financial and strategic choices, which can enable them to approach these potential leads with a more personalized proposal, thus enhancing their effectiveness in lead generation.

In a nutshell, the power to connect with ambitious businesses proactive about their growth strategy lies in this compiled list of companies using Launchrock. It can serve as a roadmap for sales teams to tap into a wide-ranging market of prospective leads and derive strategies for a tailored and efficient outreach.

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