Kirki Customizer Framework
Companies using Kirki Customizer Framework

Kirki Customizer Framework is a powerful and flexible tool for WordPress developers and designers that enhances the functionality of the default WordPress customizer. It allows users to easily customize their WordPress themes with a user-friendly interface, while also providing advanced features for more complex customizations.

Kirki offers a wide range of customization options including the ability to add custom controls and sections, create custom panels, integrate Google fonts and select from a variety of color pickers. Additionally, it provides layout options, dynamic CSS, and live previews enabling users to see changes in real-time as they edit.

One of the core strengths of Kirki is its modularity. Developers can choose which modules to include, ensuring that only the necessary files are loaded, which improves site performance. Kirki also provides an intuitive API that simplifies the integration of custom controls and fields into the customizer interface.

In summary, Kirki Customizer Framework is a feature-rich toolkit that streamlines the WordPress customization process. It enables developers and designers to create beautiful, unique, and highly customizable websites without writing extensive code.

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1,021 companies are currently using Kirki Customizer Framework


ViakGroup Pvt. Ltd.

stylish | quality | affor..

49 Employees$29K - $36K$77K india15%Export
Ellis & Evans Oral and Fa..

we are centered on your e..

14 Employees$44K - $7K$84K united states ..93%Export
TALENT Tree Consulting S...

head hunting - ricerca e ..

9 Employees$17K - $26K$66K italy57%Export
NeuroChain Tech

8 Employees$24K - $22K$77K france57%Export
Seed Beauty/ColourPop

our vision is to make bea..

150 Employees$6K - $35K$72K united states ..23%Export
Viral Studios

10 Employees$44K - $43K$61K spain78%Export

mobile meets value

15 Employees$13K - $48K$69K italy94%Export
Blackrainbow Agency

it's all about culture

13 Employees$38K - $44K$62K france67%Export

laser focused on cybersec..

23 Employees$30K - $38K$98K united states ..65%Export
Woodbury Dental Arts

our mission is to provide..

7 Employees$30K - $7K$79K united states ..28%Export
Diverembal, Lda.

expand your business with..

13 Employees$7K - $37K$65K portugal62%Export
Birchmere Ventures

8 Employees$38K - $46K$66K united states ..83%Export
Turner Brooks

48 Employees$41K - $6K$59K united states ..16%Export

let your talents grow - s..

6 Employees$6K - $15K$65K italy74%Export

science of protecting lif..

460 Employees$2K - $42K$63K south africa53%Export

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Using Kirki Customizer Framework for finding leads

This list of companies using the Kirki Customizer Framework provides a valuable resource for sales teams. It offers multiple opportunities for lead generation, targeting businesses that are already accustomed to leveraging the flexibility and advanced features of WordPress development.

The WordPress service market continues to thrive, with businesses requiring an array of solutions like theme design, plugin development, or custom modifications. The list can help in identifying the companies that potentially require such services, displaying a keen interest in utilizing sophisticated tools like the Kirki Customizer Framework.

The list also provides an insight into the growing trend of WordPress adoption. Businesses in the list are evidently committed to sustaining a robust digital presence, implying other potential needs such as SEO services, content marketing, hosting services, or further website customization.

Using this list, sales teams can fine-tune their approach, tailoring their offerings specifically for WordPress-related services. They can streamline their outreach processes, crafting personalized messages that speak directly to the prospects’ needs and understanding of digital tools.

Additionally, the Kirki Customizer Framework user list hints at the outlook of these businesses. By choosing such a highly customizable WordPress tool, these businesses exhibit their readiness to invest in resources that improve their website’s performance and user experience. Spotting these businesses gives sales teams leads who are primed for technological investment and growth.

To sum it up, this list is not just a database of potential leads—it's a crucial resource to understand the market, track WordPress usage trends, and identify companies that appreciate high-quality digital resources. It empowers sales teams to embark on a targeted, informed, and, consequently, more productive lead generation journey.

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