Companies using idCloudHost

idCloudHost is a web service provider based in Indonesia that offers domain name registration and cloud hosting services. They provide a variety of services to their customers, including the ability to register domain names for websites and host them on their cloud infrastructure. As a local provider, they cater specifically to the Indonesian market, offering localized support and services tailored to their customers' needs. With their cloud hosting services, customers can store their website files and data on idCloudHost's servers, ensuring reliable and secure access to their websites. Overall, idCloudHost provides a comprehensive suite of services for individuals and businesses looking to establish an online presence in Indonesia.

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602 companies are currently using idCloudHost


Waykambas Branding

branding wayforward

13 Employees$15K - $18K$63K indonesia3%Export

creative agency for creat..

7 Employees$38K - $17K$87K indonesia29%Export
Indonesia Climate Change ..

icctf is a key instrument..

22 Employees$8K - $6K$98K indonesia21%Export
Azen Manufacturing Pte Lt..

at twin city azen, we liv..

21 Employees$7K - $42K$99K singapore73%Export
Patria & Co.

data, strategy, design, a..

17 Employees$27K - $30K$100K indonesia99%Export

engage more, effort less

31 Employees$25K - $33K$86K indonesia19%Export
Remote Skills Academy

a non-profit organization..

25 Employees$8K - $45K$64K indonesia74%Export
Tifa Foundation

promoting open society th..

44 Employees$31K - $48K$90K indonesia93%Export
PT. Asia Global Solusi

more than 10 years, pt. a..

27 Employees$42K - $17K$88K indonesia72%Export
Falala Chocolate Bali

falala chocolate bali ada..

4 Employees$22K - $40K$90K indonesia25%Export
PT. Doyan Mitra Sejahtera..

pt doyan mitra sejahtera ..

4 Employees$5K - $39K$57K indonesia35%Export
Alivea Design

where brand comes alive

9 Employees$12K - $48K$92K singapore93%Export
PT Folarium Indonesia

integrated solution provi..

24 Employees$24K - $42K$69K indonesia97%Export
PT. Cudo Communications

cudo communications, seti..

37 Employees$10K - $23K$76K indonesia76%Export
PT. Gowa Kencana Motor

your mercedes benz truck ..

42 Employees$31K - $35K$95K indonesia25%Export

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