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Hireology is a recruitment and employment platform focused on supporting the franchise and retail-automotive sectors. It provides tools to help companies streamline their hiring processes, from creating job postings to screening candidates and conducting interviews. The platform also offers features such as background checks, skills assessments, and reference checks to help employers make informed hiring decisions. By using Hireology, businesses can manage multiple job openings and applicants in one place, while also ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Overall, the goal of Hireology is to simplify and improve the hiring process for companies operating in these industries.

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581 companies are currently using Hireology


PM Environmental

risk well managed.

113 Employees$12K - $21K$64K united states ..82%Export


277 Employees$4K - $21K$87K united states ..92%Export
CKL Engineers, LLC

engineering excellence, e..

41 Employees$23K - $27K$95K united states ..9%Export
MHG Hotels

we perform at exceptional..

108 Employees$24K - $15K$58K united states ..34%Export
Brewers Supply Group, Inc..

select ingredients and de..

170 Employees$39K - $36K$56K united states ..48%Export
W.W. Cannon, LLC

material handling & stora..

22 Employees$49K - $32K$89K united states ..20%Export
Sonsray Inc

together we move mountain..

40 Employees$30K - $40K$51K united states ..60%Export
Dakota Home Care

providing both medical an..

28 Employees$2K - $43K$74K united states ..75%Export
Company Wrench, Ltd.

the cutting edge of custo..

126 Employees$40K - $19K$79K united states ..61%Export
Family First Home Compani..

putting first what matter..

17 Employees$6K - $7K$80K united states ..92%Export
Packer City & UP Internat..

Packer City & UP Internat..

8 Employees$9K - $19K$53K united states ..85%Export
MPAC Healthcare

raising the standard in p..

97 Employees$38K - $25K$66K united states ..84%Export
Sport Durst Millennium Au..

113 Employees$24K - $37K$89K united states ..7%Export
Handi Medical Supply, Inc..

enriching lives since 198..

84 Employees$40K - $35K$93K united states ..57%Export
Whirlwind Steel Buildings..

you can count on whirlwin..

277 Employees$44K - $12K$78K united states ..36%Export

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Using Hireology for finding leads

The catalog of companies utilizing Hireology offers immense value for sales teams seeking highly targeted leads. This exhaustive resource serves as a bridge, connecting sales professionals direct to businesses spanning across two major industries - franchises and retail-automotive.

Understanding these business patterns and software usage provides insightful data points for lead generation and prospecting. Both industries heavily rely on efficient staffing solutions like Hireology. Thus, companies choosing Hireology frequently have high-volume hiring needs, a significant pain-point this software addresses. Knowing businesses on this list already appreciate robust recruitment technologies, positions sales teams optimally to offer complementary services or products.

Moreover, the list helps narrow down sales targets, saving time and increasing efficiency by enabling focus on high-probability leads. It also empowers sales efforts with insights into businesses that prioritize technology for operational efficiency. With this understanding, sales teams can tailor their approach, showcasing how their offerings can integrate or augment Hireology's functionalities.

On another hand, the list presents an opportunity to offer alternatives to Hireology. If a company is unhappy with Hireology for any reason, being aware of their usage indicates a readiness to switch to a superior option, if appropriately pitched.

Finally, the list can inform market research. Sales teams can use it to analyze patterns, trends, or gaps in Hireology's client base, which could point to untapped potential audiences for their offerings.

In summary, the value of this collection of companies using Hireology rests in its ability to shape impactful sales strategies, align targeted marketing, and assist in discovering viable prospects within the franchise and retail-automotive industries. Knowledgeable use of this list has the potential to boost lead generation, enhance conversions, and ultimately drive sales performance.

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