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Elm is a statically typed functional programming language built for creating web applications. It was created by Evan Czaplicki in 2012. Elm compiler compiles the Elm code to JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. Elm has a syntax similar to Haskell and its type system avoids runtime errors. The language has no runtime exceptions, which guarantees a high level of reliability while developing web applications.

Elm comes with some features that make it a suitable choice for web application development, including a friendly compiler error messages that help identify issues in the code, an architecture pattern called Model-View-Update (MVU) that simplifies state management, an extensive library and package manager, and an interactive REPL environment.

Elm's popularity has been increasing over the years due to its ability to create web applications with fewer bugs and less maintenance. Currently, Elm is being used in various industries to build user interfaces, single-page applications, games, and tools.

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111 companies are currently using Elm



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9 Employees$21K - $25K$92K panama61%Export

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23 Employees$19K - $32K$88K sweden29%Export

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13 Employees$18K - $42K$81K denmark56%Export
de Architekten Cie.

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74 Employees$30K - $15K$75K netherlands
Super Awesome Friends

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24 Employees$31K - $49K$66K united states ..40%Export

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3 Employees$5K - $42K$69K united states ..54%Export
Aquilum groep

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18 Employees$9K - $35K$98K netherlands7%Export

beautiful product. design..

14 Employees$43K - $14K$53K united states ..14%Export
STS Engineers & Construct..

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3 Employees$21K - $5K$60K bangladesh67%Export
Adaptiv Systems

intelligence for the phys..

12 Employees$48K - $25K$90K france76%Export
Beresa GmbH & Co. KG

der ganzheitliche mobilit..

192 Employees$47K - $40K$85K germany72%Export
Nederlands Openluchtmuseu..

wij brengen de geschieden..

294 Employees$39K - $28K$87K netherlands63%Export
World Vision Germany

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62 Employees$5K - $11K$67K germany62%Export
AXQ Capital

15 Employees$23K - $46K$70K united states ..20%Export

de ambitieuze, gecertific..

32 Employees$24K - $21K$98K netherlands100%Export

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Additional benefits include understanding market trends and competitors. The list helps to identify the varying scales of companies using Elm, offering insights into how prevalent the programming language is across different industries and company sizes. This makes it easier to spot trends or gaps in the market and subsequently align product offerings.

Furthermore, with clear knowledge of the companies using Elm, sales teams can analyze competitor strategies, leading to key insights for creating unique selling propositions and carving out a unique space in the market.

To conclude, a list of companies using Elm can play a pivotal role in enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of sales teams, by offering a focused lead pool to dive into, providing insights into market trends, and assisting in competitor analysis.

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