C is a popular and widely-used computer programming language that supports structured programming and recursion. It also features lexical variable scope and a static type system. C is considered a general-purpose programming language, meaning it can be used to develop a variety of applications for different purposes. C programs can be compiled and executed on different platforms, including Unix-based systems, Windows, and Mac OS X. C is known for its efficiency, speed, and low-level memory manipulation capabilities, making it a preferred choice for developing operating systems, device drivers, embedded systems, and other performance-critical software. Although C is a powerful language, it requires developers to manage memory manually, which can make the code more complex compared to other programming languages. C is also sometimes criticized for having a steep learning curve, requiring a deep understanding of programming concepts and syntax.

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51 Companies using C


8$35K - $8K$95K united kingdom..75%

13$41K - $19K$487K japan98%
Devine Technology NZ

your technology team

5$47K - $16K$0 new zealand79%

69$32K - $43K$11K russian federa..99%
NZ Force Construction

building smarter for the ..

19$3K - $9K$84K new zealand88%
Bizwise Accounting & Soft..

accounting and software c..

4$18K - $12K$71K new zealand7%
smoca AG

App Entwicklung in der Sc..

8$18K - $40K$6K switzerland17%
Integrated Automation Ltd..

leaders in providing worl..

12$42K - $19K$2K new zealand37%
Stadium K.K.

Connecting to talent, acr..

25$45K - $2K$12K -3%
National Personnel Ltd

35$4K - $2K$0 new zealand79%
New Vision Enterprises Li..

✔️ plumbers ✔️ gasfitters..

9$6K - $42K$4K new zealand69%
Simply Security

64$15K - $12K$664 new zealand40%
Gracol Composites Ltd

at gracol we value high q..

5$26K - $21K$57K new zealand34%

Free stock photos

-$33K - $26K$42K netherlands40%
Essen Engineering Limited..

a multi-disciplinary engi..

6$38K - $40K$83K new zealand79%

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How to use C

C is a powerful programming language that allows developers to build a wide range of applications. Here are some ways you can use C:

  1. System Programming: C is widely used for system programming as it provides direct access to system hardware resources and low-level memory manipulation. This makes it suitable for building operating systems, drivers, and embedded systems.

  2. Game Development: C is a popular choice for game development due to its efficiency and speed. It is often used in the development of gaming engines, game logic, and artificial intelligence.

  3. Mobile Development: While not as commonly used as other programming languages like Java or Swift, C can be used for developing mobile applications. It is particularly useful for creating cross-platform mobile apps, using tools like Qt or Xamarin.

  4. Web Development: C can also be used for web development, although it is not as common. There are frameworks such as CGI (Common Gateway Interface) that use C for web development.

  5. Scientific and Numeric Computing: C is useful for scientific and numeric computing, as it provides high performance and low-level control over system resources. Libraries like BLAS, LAPACK, and FFTW are written in C and frequently used for heavy number-crunching tasks.

  6. Algorithmic Trading: C is also used in the finance industry, particularly in algorithmic trading. Its speed and ability to handle large amounts of data make it ideal for processing financial transactions in real-time.

Overall, C is a versatile programming language that can be used for a wide variety of applications. Its popularity has waned somewhat over the years, but it remains an important language for systems programming, game development, and scientific computing.

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