Companies using ElasticPress


ElasticPress is a hosting service that enables WordPress site owners to connect their websites to search hosting. This service uses Elasticsearch, an open-source search and analytics engine, to provide faster and more relevant search results to users. By integrating with ElasticPress, WordPress sites can improve their search capabilities by adding features like faceted search, autocomplete, and fuzzy matching. ElasticPress also provides a real-time indexing feature that ensures new content is immediately available in search results. In addition, this hosting service offers scalable infrastructure that can handle websites of any size, providing high availability and reliable performance. Finally, ElasticPress allows for easy integration with other third-party plugins and services, providing even more robust search functionality to website owners.

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1,044 companies are currently using ElasticPress


Food Matters Live

inspiring the future of f..

16 Employees$17K - $39K$88K united kingdom..19%Export
CyberMDX - A Forescout Co..

CyberMDX is an IoT securi..

19 Employees$36K - $43K$87K united states ..32%Export

build the workflows you n..

89 Employees$14K - $30K$93K canada10%Export
Omega Bio-tek

innovations in nucleic ac..

83 Employees$41K - $45K$97K united states ..92%Export
Semantic Machines

11 Employees$7K - $48K$72K united states ..79%Export
Forescout Technologies In..

Managing cyber risk, toge..

1,108 Employees$34K - $48K$97K united states ..11%Export
Holt International Childr..

uplifting children, stren..

163 Employees$11K - $48K$97K united states ..92%Export
Stella & Chewy's

we help pets thrive!

315 Employees$16K - $41K$61K united states ..52%Export
Office Snapshots

discover the best office ..

13 Employees$33K - $49K$71K united states ..65%Export

21 Employees$6K - $32K$62K united states ..56%Export

good things come in3

36 Employees$36K - $19K$98K netherlands61%Export
Philadelphia magazine

92 Employees$34K - $14K$73K united states ..61%Export

decisively secure.

30 Employees$36K - $40K$95K united states ..100%Export

we commercialise a divers..

13 Employees$30K - $6K$85K australia13%Export
Oklahoma Bar Association

upholding the professiona..

66 Employees$29K - $13K$76K united states ..100%Export

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Using ElasticPress for finding leads

This list of companies that utilize ElasticPress can be an invaluable resource for sales teams looking to generate high-value leads among businesses that use WordPress. Companies listed here have realized the value of partnering with ElasticPress for enhanced search capabilities, making them potentially receptive to other technologies and services that can further enhance their WordPress experience.

Understanding what technologies a business employs can offer insights into their needs and pain points. Knowing these companies use ElasticPress highlights their interest in search optimization and their commitment to ensuring a user-friendly WordPress experience. This insight can help sales teams tailor their pitch for products related to search optimization, web hosting, WordPress enhancement, user experience, among others.

Moreover, seeing the breadth and diversity of companies that trust ElasticPress can assist sales teams in identifying patterns, parallels, and specific niches where their product or service may be more successful. For enterprise-level sales, it may lead to larger contracts with companies that frequently utilize ElasticPress, revealing potentially underserved markets that your product or service could fill.

For sales professionals aiming at smaller businesses and startups, this list could highlight a trend towards newer, growing companies who are already comfortable adapting their stack to include seasoned technologies like ElasticPress. These businesses may be more open to pitches that promise similar improvements to their operations.

Thus, this aggregated list of ElasticPress users can provide a valuable insight into businesses that prioritize optimal WordPress experiences. It's an essential tool for sales teams seeking to focus their resources on potential leads that are more likely to convert into clients because of their familiarity with integrated WordPress solutions like ElasticPress.

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