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Draftpress HFCM or Header Footer Code Manager is a plugin that provides an easy way to add code snippets to the header, footer, above or below the content of a webpage. This can be useful for adding third-party scripts such as tracking codes, analytics, social media buttons, chat widgets and more to a website without requiring technical know-how or editing core files.

The interface is user-friendly and provides a range of options to customize where the code is added on a page, such as selecting specific pages, posts or categories. This allows users to have greater control over which pages the code appears on- making it possible to create targeted campaigns or exclude certain sections of a site.

Overall, Draftpress HFCM offers a simple solution to manage custom code snippets on WordPress sites without the need for editing theme files, making it a popular choice for both beginners and experienced developers alike.

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97,827 companies are currently using Draftpress HFCM



unleash the future of qua..

73 Employees$27K - $20K$57K united states ..33%Export
Deep 6 AI

Find More Patients in Min..

58 Employees$6K - $14K$54K united states ..65%Export
Green Revolution Cooling

grc designs, manufactures..

61 Employees$48K - $44K$54K united states ..47%Export
LendKey Technologies, Inc..

lending made simple.

144 Employees$4K - $47K$81K united states ..8%Export

quicargo connects empty t..

15 Employees$16K - $33K$93K netherlands11%Export
CurveBeam AI

cone beam ct imaging for ..

67 Employees$31K - $21K$68K united states ..29%Export
PHC Global

building a global biosecu..

44 Employees$15K - $4K$62K united states ..90%Export

simba chain makes it easy..

68 Employees$29K - $17K$83K united states ..45%Export
Boulo Solutions

hiring made faster and sm..

24 Employees$1K - $2K$66K united states ..31%Export

linqia is the calm in the..

95 Employees$19K - $11K$81K united states ..50%Export
Ripple Science

great research starts wit..

22 Employees$21K - $26K$66K united states ..31%Export
Nuvation Bio

nuvation bio is focused o..

65 Employees$11K - $2K$60K united states ..42%Export
Outsell, Inc.

trusted advisors for the ..

36 Employees$24K - $4K$70K united states ..37%Export
Algolytics Technologies

next generation predictiv..

20 Employees$16K - $37K$72K poland53%Export
Palleon Pharmaceuticals

clinical-stage biotech co..

36 Employees$23K - $13K$97K united states ..19%Export

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Using Draftpress HFCM for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing Draftpress Header Footer Code Manager (HFCM) can provide sales teams with valuable insights and a well-defined target market. Those businesses already demonstrate an interest in streamlining their website management, suggesting they may be receptive to further tech solutions.

The directory serves as a valuable resource not only in identifying potential leads but also in understanding their needs and behaviors. Companies that use draftpress HFCM are likely to prioritize ease of managing website code snippets. They are probably keen on keeping their websites up-to-date and functional while reducing the amount of technical overhead.

By exploring this list, sales teams can unearth great potential for direct B2B connections. Each company on the list may need supplemental services or products – such as upgrade options, training, or related software tools. Salespeople oriented towards tech solutions can take advantage of this demand by offering suitable products or services.

Furthermore, the list can accelerate lead qualification. As each company on this list is already leveraging web technology, they likely see the value in investing in tech solutions, making them pre-qualified leads. This could result in a more efficient, targeted sales process with a higher rate of conversion.

In recipe for successful prospecting—the right market information, this list offers relevant data for crafting personalized outreach messages. A well-informed sales team can then drive tailored conversations that address the specific needs and context of each potential lead, consequently increasing chances of successful collaborations and sales.

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