Doppler for WooCommerce
Companies using Doppler for WooCommerce

Doppler for WooCommerce is a plugin that integrates your WooCommerce store with the Doppler email marketing platform. The plugin automates the process of adding your customers and buyers to a list in Doppler, allowing you to easily manage and communicate with them through targeted email campaigns.

With the Doppler for WooCommerce plugin, you can set up different lists based on various criteria such as customer preferences, purchase history, and more. This enables you to create targeted email campaigns that are tailored to individual customer needs and interests.

The plugin also provides detailed analytics and reporting features, which allow you to track the effectiveness of your email campaigns and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. Additionally, it offers easy customization options, so you can design eye-catching emails that reflect your brand’s identity and style.

Overall, Doppler for WooCommerce is an effective tool that simplifies the email marketing process for WooCommerce users. It streamlines customer management, saves time, and helps boost your marketing efforts by targeting customers with personalized messages that resonate with their unique needs and preferences.

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50 companies are currently using Doppler for WooCommerce


By Apple Cosmetics

con byapple siempre serás..

18 Employees$27K - $19K$72K mexico54%Export

tu asesor de confianza

13 Employees$20K - $38K$80K mexico60%Export

ingeniería médica de vang..

16 Employees$39K - $16K$79K chile81%Export
Liderazgo Capacitación & ..

16 años instruyendo, inno..

45 Employees$48K - $23K$63K ecuador58%Export
Confites Merello

desde 1932 elaboramos la ..

21 Employees$29K - $49K$73K chile37%Export

por la salud, junto al mé..

57 Employees$42K - $39K$96K ecuador44%Export
Wemove Training

somos una plataforma de e..

1 Employees$30K - $38K$84K argentina51%Export
Service Quality Institute..

expertos en servicio al c..

4 Employees$26K - $41K$69K mexico48%Export

somos partner de google e..

21 Employees$20K - $26K$60K chile8%Export

nos enfocamos en entregar..

4 Employees$12K - $14K$61K argentina37%Export
Cannon Industries of Colo..

at cannon industries of c..

181 Employees$30K - $23K$99K colombia

unidos por un cambio

7 Employees$23K - $23K$82K mexico7%Export

85 Employees$49K - $23K$75K argentina51%Export

3 Employees$15K - $22K$60K spain37%Export
Productos Chata SA de CV

312 Employees$25K - $23K$53K mexico85%Export

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Using Doppler for WooCommerce for finding leads

The curated list of companies using Doppler for WooCommerce is a valuable resource for sales teams looking to identify potential leads in the eCommerce sector. As Doppler for WooCommerce is a plugin that allows eCommerce businesses to submit their customers and buyers to a Doppler list, pinpointing which companies utilize this technology can assist in surfacing prospects that value automated marketing and management of customer databases.

The value of this list lies in its specific targeting potential. By knowing which companies employ the Doppler for WooCommerce plugin, one can make targeted assumptions about the needs and structure of those organizations. For instance, these companies will likely value technologies that streamline their operations, probably highly consider customer engagement and retention, and may be more disposed to leveraging additional tech-based solutions to optimize their eCommerce activities.

Recognizing these needs can provide a distinct sales advantage. Approaching these leads with tailored propositions that cater to these preferences could significantly enhance the likelihood of successful rapport and sales relationships development. Understanding a prospective lead’s current tech environment can empower a sales team to personalize their pitch, matching product offerings more closely to the lead's unique needs and tech infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the list doesn’t only act as a pinpointing tool for targeted lead prospecting but also offers insight into broader market trends. Recognizing which sectors or sizes of businesses predominately use the Doppler for WooCommerce can reveal new markets or verticals that sales teams may not have considered before.

In summary, harnessing the power of this carefully curated list of companies using Doppler for WooCommerce could mean the difference between a successful lead conversion and a missed opportunity. It's a strategic asset in sharpening focus and optimizing sales efforts.

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