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DigiCert is a leading provider of digital certificates for securing websites, software, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. They offer a range of SSL/TLS, code signing, and document signing certificates to help organizations protect their online businesses and users' data. DigiCert's solutions are trusted by many Fortune 500 companies, governments, and educational institutions around the world.

DigiCert's certificates use industry-standard encryption algorithms to ensure that data transmitted between servers and clients is secure and confidential. They also provide certificate management tools and APIs to simplify certificate deployment and automate certificate lifecycle management.

In addition to its core certificate business, DigiCert offers other security solutions such as malware detection, IoT device security, and secure key storage. They are committed to staying at the forefront of security technology and standards, and have been instrumental in developing new security protocols such as Certificate Transparency and post-quantum cryptography.

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179,487 companies are currently using DigiCert



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Using DigiCert for finding leads

The list of companies using DigiCert is an invaluable resource for sales teams. As DigiCert provides SSL certificates, PKI solutions, and encryption technologies, a company's association with DigiCert indicates a concern for and investment in robust security measures.

By targeting companies that utilize DigiCert, sales teams can identify organizations that prioritize online safety and data protection. Whether offering complementary security products, cloud services, or cybersecurity consultancy, these DigiCert using companies could represent highly responsive leads.

Moreover, the detailed information on each company within this list allows any sales team to establish an initial point of understanding about the potential lead. This can be pivotal in establishing effective communication—from both a relevance and a rapport-building standpoint—subsequently improving the chances of a successful sales outcome.

If a sales team operates within the tech industry, a list of DigiCert users might highlight potential customers who are tech-savvy, data-conscious, and potentially more receptive to advanced, complementary, or competing offerings. Consequently, sales teams can dissect this list with higher precision for a granular targeting approach, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of their lead prospecting operations.

But the value extends beyond the tech industry. Prospects across a range of sectors use DigiCert to secure their online operations. It can therefore act as a springboard for connecting with potential clients in various industries who consider digital security an operational necessity.

Lastly, tracking the growth and change in the DigiCert user list can provide sales teams with insights into market trends and dynamics, allowing them to adjust their strategies accordingly.

In essence, this comprehensive list of companies using DigiCert can be a powerful, multifaceted tool for sales teams seeking high-quality leads in the scope of web security and related domains. Through this tool, they can streamline their prospecting efforts while accelerating their sales pipeline velocity.

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