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Delivengo is an international shipping service that is operated by La Poste. It provides logistics services to individuals and businesses to ship their goods from one place to another across borders. Delivengo offers a variety of shipping options, such as express, standard, and economy shipping, along with tracking and insurance options to ensure the safety and timely delivery of goods. This service is available globally and can be used by anyone who needs to send parcels or documents internationally. The platform also offers additional services, such as customs clearance, packaging, and labeling assistance. Overall, Delivengo provides a reliable and efficient solution for cross-border shipping needs.

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8 companies are currently using Delivengo


E-Commerce Nation

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566 Employees$15K - $40K$66K france10%Export
Têt Maré

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3 Employees$24K - $2K$71K france76%Export

- Employees$36K - $38K$53K france20%Export
Jeanne Candle

- Employees$41K - $46K$93K -21%

- Employees$11K - $20K$63K france70%Export

- Employees$4K - $34K$65K france64%Export
Unik by Nature

- Employees$48K - $14K$91K france38%Export

- Employees$43K - $4K$89K france96%Export

Using Delivengo for finding leads

The listed companies found on this page are all users of Delivengo, an international shipping service offered by La Poste. This collection presents extensive possibilities for sales teams searching for potential leads in a diverse variety of industries.

Firstly, it exhibits an array of businesses, from e-commerce start-ups to global corporations, that see value in Delivengo's international shipping solutions. Not only does this affirm the versatility of Delivengo's services, it also indicates that these companies conduct activities that involve international shipment, most likely due to their global reach and operations.

Recognizing these aspects can supply sales teams with essential insights about a potential lead's operations, scope, and logistic needs, which they can leverage when creating a tailored sales pitch or when considering partnership opportunities. This could include offering related goods or services, such as packaging solutions, customs clearance assistance, or even software to streamline logistic processes.

Furthermore, the list of companies may bear potential leads who are poised for growth and therefore possibly in the market for new collaborations. Identifying such leads would allow sales teams to have proactive business development strategies in place, anticipating potential customers' needs ahead of time.

In sum, a list of companies using Delivengo, given their international shipping requirements and potential for growth, is a valuable asset for sales teams in their quest to locate and approach potential leads efficiently.

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