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CTT is the national postal service of Portugal which provides various services such as mail delivery, banking, insurance and e-commerce. It was founded in 1520 and is one of the oldest postal services in the world. CTT operates a network of post offices throughout the country and also offers international shipping services. In addition to traditional postal services, CTT has expanded its business by offering digital services such as mobile payments and online shopping. The company has also established partnerships with other organizations to provide additional services such as transportation and logistics. Overall, CTT plays an important role in facilitating communication and commerce within Portugal as well as connecting the country to the rest of the world through its international shipping services.

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424 companies are currently using CTT



compara tudo, por nada.

89 Employees$31K - $45K$74K portugal83%Export

connecting buyers & selle..

5 Employees$37K - $27K$68K united states ..87%Export
Grupo Editorial Presença

79 Employees$44K - $2K$54K portugal36%Export
Cellular Tracking Technol..

bringing the world the in..

20 Employees$24K - $37K$91K united states ..29%Export
Get Certified 4 Less

we will help you get cert..

3 Employees$1K - $17K$61K united states ..74%Export
Lisbon Digital School

look forward, learn faste..

55 Employees$21K - $48K$84K portugal50%Export
Academy Xperts

centro de consultoría y c..

12 Employees$32K - $11K$94K ecuador87%Export
Diamond Grid

the global market leader ..

12 Employees$6K - $38K$64K australia88%Export
Ivity Brand Corp

never stop dreaming

26 Employees$44K - $50K$73K portugal77%Export
Jornal de Negócios

as notícias mais relevant..

82 Employees$9K - $18K$50K portugal82%Export
Coventry Rugby

#ourclubourcity in the he..

76 Employees$27K - $23K$91K united kingdom..75%Export
Spacio Valladolid SA

disfruta de tu nuevo espa..

11 Employees$17K - $10K$65K spain86%Export
Market Matters

the latest views from rea..

5 Employees$26K - $46K$90K australia56%Export
ProICT Training

taking professional train..

6 Employees$37K - $25K$61K united states ..54%Export
Intérim Info

toute l'actualité de l'in..

3 Employees$43K - $1K$75K france68%Export

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This well-curated list features companies that utilize services offered by CTT, Portugal's national postal service. Each entry on the roster provides valuable insights about a potential lead, shaping a viable stepping-stone for businesses seeking expansion or sales teams interested in exploring new connections.

The value of this list is multifold. For starters, it offers comprehensive overviews of each company, including their industry affiliation, the specific CTT services they employ, and their business size. This clear demarcation ensures that sales representatives can quickly identify companies that match their target market, promoting efficient lead prospecting.

One of the key advantages of focusing on companies that use CTT services is its vast customer base spanning multiple sectors. This diverse range of businesses broadens the scope of potential leads, regardless of the product or service sales teams offer.

Furthermore, knowing that a company uses CTT services can also hint towards its size and operational scale. Associating with a national postal service indicates a level of business continuity and structural integrity, which can be attractive traits for potential business collaborators.

In conclusion, using this list as a lead prospecting tool offers significant benefits. It's an arsenal of data that sales teams can employ to pinpoint promising leads, while ensuring their efforts align with the organization's broader sales strategy. The list can potentially save time, streamline outreach efforts, and enhance the productivity of sales funnels. Thus, every sales team should consider leveraging this valuable resource.

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