Companies using Creatium

Creatium is a website builder that originates from Russia, specifically designed to make the process of creating websites accessible and straightforward for users without coding knowledge. Its features are built around a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface, which simplifies the design process and allows users to visually build and design their website.

This technology is a tool that provides a range of customization options, which users can implement to create unique, individualized websites. From selecting various design elements to editing content directly on the webpage layout, Creatium facilitates the tailoring of multiple website aspects.

Functioning as a software as a service (SaaS), Creatium eliminates the need for users to handle backend tasks such as hosting and server management. This end-to-end website building platform aims to liberate users from the technical complexities often associated with website creation, deployment, and management.

The usage of Creatium technology spans a variety of applications, all targeted toward website creation and design. A user first begins by selecting a website template that best aligns with their desired look and feel. From there, the user can completely customize the website through the drag-and-drop interface by adding, rearranging, and editing various elements such as text, images, buttons, forms, and more. Pre-built block sections are available to further expedite the design process, and there's even the option to animate specific elements to bring more vitality to the site.

Once the website design is complete and customized to the user's satisfaction, Creatium also facilitates the publication process. With a simple click, the custom-built website can be published and becomes accessible to internet users worldwide.

In summary, Creatium is a comprehensive web builder tool aimed at making website creation simple, customizable, and accessible for computer users, regardless of their technical expertise or coding skills. Utilizing a drag-and-drop interface and a suite of customization options, Creatium allows for easy creation of bespoke websites without having to delve into backend tasks such as hosting and server management.

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68 companies are currently using Creatium


Hartmann Holdings

a family-owned private in..

3 Employees$14K - $31K$87K luxembourg32%Export
HR Solutions Studio

we'll take a recruiting w..

14 Employees$27K - $31K$78K ukraine79%Export

bridging russian-speaking..

16 Employees$16K - $35K$87K russian federa..92%Export
Glogos LLC

your logistics partner in..

19 Employees$45K - $41K$83K russian federa..5%Export

the #1 personalized ai-po..

1 Employees$14K - $30K$59K portugal7%Export

densure (digital ensure)-..

9 Employees$5K - $26K$96K armenia97%Export
logo group

HR.xn--80agoggkdd2am - от..

9 Employees$13K - $6K$80K kazakhstan72%Export
Make IT

платформа обучения соврем..

3 Employees$28K - $47K$80K kazakhstan19%Export
MegaWeb Studio

разработка и продвижение ..

2 Employees$38K - $31K$74K ukraine77%Export
Логистические перспективы..

группа компаний, професси..

6 Employees$33K - $34K$67K belarus55%Export
Plinar LLC

creating augmented and vi..

5 Employees$3K - $2K$51K estonia22%Export

22 Employees$22K - $11K$53K russian federa..13%Export
Wi-Fi Scanner

binding online advertisin..

6 Employees$12K - $9K$96K belarus44%Export

remodeling with technolog..

1 Employees$36K - $32K$73K netherlands90%Export

tips and solutions for a ..

2 Employees$38K - $35K$51K united arab em..92%Export

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Using Creatium for finding leads

The comprehensive list of companies leveraging Creatium offers numerous values in sales prospecting for businesses. This collection provides a clear view of diverse organizations adopting this popular website builder developed in Russia, underlining their preference for user-friendly, coding-free design environments.

For sales teams, this list equates to a gold mine of lead generation potential. It offers a clear direction for pinpointing businesses committed to user-friendly web design and those favoring the accessible, no-coding-required environment that a solution like Creatium provides.

This catalog of Creatium users is also a crucial data pool, illuminating companies prioritizing multi-faceted website customization options. By understanding this preference, sales teams can tailor their strategy and offerings to match these specific needs, increasing the chance of successful engagement.

Further, businesses identified in this collection likely value usability and visual appeal, traits offered by Creatium's drag-and-drop interface. Sales teams can leverage this insight to highlight similar product features or complementary services, amplifying the appeal of their proposition to these potential leads.

In essence, this list of companies using Creatium presents compelling opportunities for sales teams, empowering them to tailor their approach based on the demonstrated preferences of a targeted set of leads.

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