Contabo is a German hosting provider formerly known as Giga-International. They offer a range of hosting solutions, including virtual private servers (VPS), dedicated servers, and colocation services. Contabo operates data centers in Germany, providing reliable and secure hosting infrastructure for businesses and individuals alike. Their services cater to the needs of different customers, from small-scale websites to large enterprises requiring high-performance servers. Contabo offers flexible plans with various resources and customizable options, allowing clients to scale their hosting requirements as needed. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Contabo strives to deliver competitive pricing, excellent support, and robust network connectivity.

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473 Companies using Contabo

Hello Sue

natural & holistic skinca..

8$40K - $7K$75K germany91%

all-in-one recruitment pl..

2$41K - $21K$85K united kingdom..62%

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5$25K - $40K$92K india19%

setting the standards.

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premium center automobile..

8$5K - $29K$98K france26%
Ofero Network

utility token, marketplac..

17$19K - $10K$52K romania80%
WeHire Services

"prioritizing growth"

5$34K - $43K$100K nepal43%
سمـو - Sumoue

سمو .. بضع خطوات للنجاح.

31$47K - $21K$69K saudi arabia87%

outsourced human resource..

2$32K - $50K$60K kenya81%
Adinkra Jeunesse

african books for childre..

2$33K - $38K$92K cameroon100%
Bella Aventura Costa Rica..

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14$30K - $4K$63K costa rica29%
Livegulf Jobs is the l..

2$39K - $16K$59K united arab em..74%

the ace for metal - solut..

20$40K - $47K$78K germany36%
360WS - 360 Wirtualny Spa..

tworzymy wirtualne spacer..

1$46K - $16K$55K poland73%

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How to use Contabo

To use Contabo, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Contabo website: Go to the official Contabo website ( using a web browser.

  2. Choose your hosting package: Contabo offers a range of hosting services, including VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, dedicated servers, and shared hosting. Determine which type of hosting is suitable for your needs and budget.

  3. Select a plan: Once you've chosen the type of hosting, select a specific plan that matches your requirements. Contabo provides multiple options with varying features, specifications, and pricing. Consider factors such as storage capacity, CPU power, RAM, bandwidth, and operating system options.

  4. Configure your hosting: After selecting a plan, you may have the option to customize it further. For example, you might choose the amount of storage or RAM you need, select the operating system (such as Linux or Windows), and specify additional features or add-ons.

  5. Place an order: Once you have configured your hosting package according to your preferences, proceed to the order placement. Review your selections and click on the "Order now" or similar button to proceed.

  6. Provide your details: Fill out the necessary information during the ordering process. This typically includes your personal details, billing address, email address, and payment information. Ensure that you provide accurate and up-to-date information.

  7. Make payment: Contabo accepts various payment methods, including credit/debit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers. Follow the instructions provided during the checkout process to make the payment using your preferred method.

  8. Setup and configuration: After making the payment, Contabo will process your order. They will provide you with the necessary setup and configuration details via email. This usually includes login credentials, server IP addresses, and any additional instructions.

  9. Access your hosting: Use the provided login credentials to access your hosting control panel or server. This will enable you to manage your hosting settings, upload files, create databases, and configure other aspects related to your website or application.

  10. Install and deploy your content: Depending on your requirements, you can now proceed with installing your desired CMS (Content Management System) or deploying your website or application on Contabo's servers. You may use FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or SSH (Secure Shell) to transfer your files to the server.

  11. Configure domain and DNS (if applicable): If you have a domain name, you'll need to configure it to point to your Contabo hosting. Update the DNS (Domain Name System) records of your domain to specify the Contabo server's IP address. This step ensures that when users enter your domain name in their browsers, they are directed to your Contabo-hosted website.

  12. Test and optimize: After setting up your website or application on Contabo, thoroughly test its functionality, performance, and responsiveness. Make any necessary optimizations to ensure an optimal user experience.

Remember that Contabo provides customer support, so if you encounter any issues or have questions regarding their services, you can reach out to their support team for assistance.

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