Conekta is a payment platform based in Mexico that allows businesses to accept payments through various channels such as credit and debit cards, bank transfers, cash payments, and mobile payments. It provides a secure and reliable payment gateway infrastructure that supports multiple currencies and enables merchants to manage their transactions, subscriptions, and refunds through its API or web dashboard. Conekta also offers fraud prevention tools, chargeback protection, and PCI compliance to ensure the safety of financial data and prevent unauthorized access. It serves businesses of all sizes across various industries including e-commerce, retail, transportation, and food delivery. Conekta aims to simplify the payment ecosystem by providing an intuitive and seamless checkout experience for customers while helping businesses increase their sales and reduce their operational costs.

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338 Companies using Conekta


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How to use Conekta

Conekta is a payment platform that enables merchants to receive payments via multiple payment methods. Here are the steps to use Conekta:

  1. Create an Account: You need to create an account on Conekta's website by providing your personal and business details.

  2. Integrate Conekta with Your Website: Once you have created an account, you need to integrate Conekta with your website or application. The integration process depends on the programming language and platform you are using. Conekta provides documentation and libraries for various platforms like Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, etc.

  3. Configure Payment Methods: You can configure the payment methods you want to accept from your customers such as credit/debit cards, bank transfers, cash payments, etc. Conekta supports various Mexican payment methods such as Oxxo, 7-Eleven, bank transfers, and more.

  4. Start Receiving Payments: After integrating and configuring the payment methods, you can start receiving payments from your customers. When a customer makes a payment, Conekta processes the payment and transfers the funds to your bank account within a few days.

  5. Manage Transactions: You can manage your transactions using Conekta's dashboard. You can view your transaction history, refunds, chargebacks, and other details related to your payments.

Conekta provides additional features such as recurring payments, subscriptions, fraud detection, and others. These features can help you manage your payments efficiently and grow your business.

In conclusion, if you are a merchant in Mexico, Conekta can be an excellent choice for receiving payments from your customers. It provides various payment methods, easy integration, and features to manage your transactions effectively.

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