CiviCRM plugins
CiviCRM plugins

CiviCRM plugins are additional software modules that extend the functionality of the CiviCRM platform. They are designed to provide new features or enhance existing ones, and can be installed on top of the base CiviCRM software. Plugins are commonly used to integrate with third-party systems, such as payment gateways or social media platforms, or to add custom fields, reports or workflows. CiviCRM plugins are typically developed by the community and made available through the CiviCRM Extensions Directory. This directory allows users to browse and download extensions directly from within their CiviCRM installation. In addition, developers can use the CiviCRM API to create their own plugins and contribute them to the community. CiviCRM plugins are an important part of the CiviCRM ecosystem, allowing organisations to customise the software to meet their specific needs without having to modify the core codebase. By leveraging plugins, users can benefit from a rich set of features and integrations that are constantly evolving and improving through community contributions.

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64 Companies using CiviCRM plugins

Advanced Employment Servi..

Montana’s Premier Recruit..

7$24K - $28K$2K united states ..80%
Compensation Advisory Par..

providing independence, e..

39$3K - $49K$15K united states ..91%
Hampshire Independents

We are standing up for th..

-$21K - $31K$945 united kingdom..78%
Jim Robbins and Associate..

6$6K - $9K$4K united states ..47%
Vivient Consulting

-$11K - $29K$0 united states ..83%
American Physicians Netwo..

Making exceptional health..

-$35K - $21K$2K united states ..91%
Interact Center for the V..

A Center for professional..

31$41K - $31K$0 united states ..92%
Kantara Initiative

workgroups, thought leade..

34$49K - $30K$35K united states ..86%
Camber Outdoors

camber outdoors is a nonp..

16$24K - $4K$26K united states ..93%
Community Alliance for Gl..

cagj strengthens the glob..

11$13K - $26K$59K united states ..86%
Medical Volunteers Intern..

mvi is a ngo that provide..

17$18K - $28K$69K germany5%
Leave No Trace

using the power of scienc..

149$20K - $14K$90K united states ..42%
GSA Network

trans and queer youth uni..

28$3K - $28K$31K united states ..47%
Tuberous Sclerosis Austra..

creating a better life an..

3$36K - $9K$9K australia53%
Réseau Oudinot

le réseau oudinot dynamis..

8$47K - $6K$10K france2%

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How to use CiviCRM plugins

CiviCRM is a powerful tool for managing constituent relationships that can be extended with the use of plugins. These plugins add additional functionality to CiviCRM, allowing you to customise it to your specific needs. Here is an overview of how to use CiviCRM plugins:

  1. Find and install plugins: There are hundreds of CiviCRM plugins available in the CiviCRM Extension Directory. To find a plugin, go to the directory and browse by category or search for keywords related to the functionality you need. Once you have found a plugin that meets your requirements, download and install it.

  2. Enable the plugin: Once installed, you must enable the plugin in CiviCRM before you can use it. To do this, go to Administer > System Settings > Extensions, find the plugin you just installed and click on "Enable." This will activate the plugin within CiviCRM.

  3. Configure the plugin: Some plugins require configuration before they can be used. To configure a plugin, go to the plugin's settings page, which is usually located under Administer > Customise Data and Screens > [Plugin Name]. From there, you can adjust settings such as field mappings, default values, and display options.

  4. Use the plugin: Once the plugin is installed, enabled, and configured, you can start using it in your day-to-day work with CiviCRM. Depending on the plugin, this could mean adding new fields to contact records, creating new reports, or integrating with other systems.

  5. Update the plugin: It's important to keep your plugins up-to-date to ensure compatibility with new versions of CiviCRM and to take advantage of bug fixes and new features. To update a plugin, go to Administer > System Settings > Extensions, find the plugin you want to update, and click on "Upgrade." You can also set up automatic updates for your plugins.

In summary, CiviCRM plugins allow you to customise and extend the functionality of your CiviCRM installation. By following these steps, you can find, install, enable, configure, and use plugins to create a CRM system that meets your specific needs.

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