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Catch is a payment solution that provides an alternative to traditional card-based payments. With Catch, merchants can accept payments directly from buyers' bank accounts, rather than requiring them to use credit or debit cards. This approach offers several potential benefits, including lower transaction fees and improved security.

To use Catch, a buyer first needs to link their bank account to the Catch platform. Once this is done, they can make purchases from participating merchants simply by providing their account details. The payment is then processed through a secure system that ensures the funds are transferred quickly and safely.

For merchants, Catch offers a more cost-effective way to accept payments, as there are typically lower fees associated with bank transfers compared to card payments. Additionally, because Catch handles the payment process directly, there is less risk of fraud or chargebacks, which can be a significant concern with card-based transactions.

Overall, Catch provides a useful option for both buyers and sellers who want to streamline the payment process and avoid some of the hassles and fees associated with traditional card payments. While it may not be the right choice for every situation, it's worth considering for businesses looking to reduce costs and improve security when accepting payments online.

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9 companies are currently using Catch



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Using Catch for finding leads

The list of companies using Catch, a game-changing payment solution, provides significant value in various ways. It's essentially a robust database that empowers sales teams who are targeting specific sectors or markets, offering a refined pool of potential leads interested in innovative software solutions.

Based on the premise that the companies listed are actively utilizing Catch, this signals their willingness to embrace new technology – specifically, those that streamline and enhance transaction processes like bank payments over traditional credit/debit card methods.

Sales teams can use this list to identify businesses that appreciate modern, efficient payment solutions. If they offer a product or service that aligns with this, they can approach these companies with a degree of confidence that their offer will resonate.

Moreover, the list can also help sales teams narrow down their focus to industries where Catch's offering is being utilized. Gaining insights into industry trends and understanding the sectors where this technology is making inroads can significantly enhance lead identification and segmentation efforts.

Another use arises from the practice of competitive selling. If a sales team is from a company that offers a product that competes with or supplements Catch, the list becomes a resource for identifying potential customers. Essentially, it's a ready-made list of prospects that have a demonstrated interest in and need for improved payment solutions.

Lastly, seeing which companies use Catch can stimulate strategic insights. For instance, recognizing a high concentration of a certain industry, size of business, or geographical location might inform future business development and marketing strategies.

In summary, this list of companies using Catch can serve as a powerful, direction-focused resource, offering invaluable insight for sales teams into the kind of companies open to adopting innovative payment solutions, and accordingly, help drive their lead generation and prospecting efforts more effectively.

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