Companies using Cargo

Cargo is a platform designed for professional designers and artists to build websites. It offers various tools and features for creating visually appealing and functional websites. With Cargo, users can customize their site's layout, typography, and color scheme without needing to know coding languages. Additionally, it provides templates that users can use as a starting point or customize to fit their needs. Cargo also supports e-commerce functionality, enabling users to sell products directly from their website. Another notable feature of Cargo is its content management system, which allows users to easily add, edit, and organize their website's content. Overall, Cargo streamlines the website design process, offering a user-friendly interface and powerful tools to create unique and effective sites.

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7,157 companies are currently using Cargo


Paddington Partners

paddington partners is an..

16 Employees$36K - $34K$65K united kingdom..19%Export
Atticus Partners

award winning integrated ..

32 Employees$31K - $25K$68K united kingdom..33%Export
Collaborative Robotics

collaborative robotics' m..

45 Employees$11K - $6K$56K united states ..57%Export
Erdy McHenry Architecture..

20 Employees$41K - $9K$51K united states ..87%Export

shine bright and true

176 Employees$3K - $4K$76K united states ..80%Export
CES Group Engineers, LLP

our vision is to continue..

46 Employees$41K - $21K$75K united states ..99%Export

investing at the intersec..

20 Employees$26K - $35K$93K united states ..7%Export
Studio RAP

challenging architecture!..

15 Employees$29K - $43K$81K netherlands22%Export
userwise, llc

improving outcomes for me..

24 Employees$28K - $42K$78K united states ..32%Export
Kobra Agency

a four-wheel drive brand ..

7 Employees$41K - $9K$71K finland45%Export

we are a non-traditional ..

44 Employees$15K - $8K$59K united states ..2%Export

plusone® is an independen..

22 Employees$39K - $43K$94K netherlands96%Export
August Hospitality Group

crafting unique and creat..

5 Employees$30K - $12K$63K united states ..52%Export
SALT Landscape Architects..

humanize the city.

22 Employees$44K - $24K$91K united states ..67%Export

siren is a full-service b..

6 Employees$47K - $49K$75K united states ..34%Export

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Using Cargo for finding leads

The comprehensive list of companies utilizing the Cargo platform is a valuable resource for sales teams. As Cargo is a professional site building platform used by designers and artists, the companies in this list have a strong focus on aesthetics, creativity, and visual impact. Their decision to use Cargo not only highlights their commitment to professional, visually impressive online presences, but also suggests a dedication to innovative solutions and cutting-edge design.

By accessing such a list, sales teams offering related products or services can identify potential leads that are more likely to appreciate and invest in high-quality aesthetics and innovative solutions. Moreover, companies in this list are likely to be more receptive to services or tools that can enhance their online presence, streamline their design process, or expand their visibility.

This list also allows for better segmentation of lead prospecting efforts. Given the specific nature of Cargo users, sales teams can craft their pitches to target the needs and desires of designers and artists. This approach enhances the chances of positive responses and increases the efficiency of the sales process.

As such, this list of companies using Cargo isn't just a selection of potential leads—it's a targeted opportunity for sales teams to connect with companies that prioritize professional, visually engaging digital platforms. It's a chance to engage with entities that value creativity and aesthetics, opening up possibilities for rich, focused, and rewarding interactions.

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