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Budbee is a logistics company that specializes in providing delivery services to e-commerce businesses. It uses technology to optimize its services and provide customers with fast and reliable deliveries. Budbee's primary focus is on ensuring that packages are delivered on time, and it offers real-time tracking so that customers can keep an eye on their packages throughout the delivery process. The company also emphasizes sustainability, using electric vehicles and green energy sources to power its operations. Overall, Budbee aims to provide an efficient and environmentally friendly delivery service for online retailers and their customers.

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50 companies are currently using Budbee


User Interviews

we make it fast, easy, an..

191 Employees$24K - $6K$98K united states ..44%Export

med över en miljon kunder..

30 Employees$47K - $29K$63K sweden24%Export
BOSKA Food Tools - B corp..

food tools for life!

67 Employees$34K - $20K$70K netherlands25%Export
Ruohonjuuri Oy

ruohonjuuri on hyvän eläm..

106 Employees$30K - $16K$51K finland72%Export
MoveByBike Europe AB

we use smart city logisti..

35 Employees$1K - $29K$60K sweden26%Export

enthousiast & excellent

337 Employees$18K - $36K$52K netherlands99%Export
Swedish Tonic

ever seen a transparent t..

12 Employees$18K - $34K$74K sweden92%Export
vandeStreek bier


31 Employees$17K - $48K$71K netherlands73%Export

bäst på e-handel!

48 Employees$22K - $19K$92K sweden64%Export
Caroline Svedbom AB

feminina och färgstarka s..

26 Employees$11K - $26K$77K sweden71%Export
Mode Cold Brew

we exist to make coffee s..

2 Employees$43K - $32K$58K sweden68%Export
Klong Intermestic AB

our vision is to create a..

6 Employees$25K - $25K$88K sweden79%Export

te-handel, egen import oc..

4 Employees$34K - $4K$69K sweden93%Export

solving e-commerce

4 Employees$45K - $31K$60K sweden84%Export

superfood for dogs

3 Employees$46K - $8K$52K sweden23%Export

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Using Budbee for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing Budbee's logistics service offers value as it provides a clear insight into a segment of the ecommerce market reliant on state-of-the-art logistics services. The companies using Budbee, known for its technological prowess, suggest a commitment to innovative solutions regarding their logistics and distribution needs.

For sales teams seeking to provide services or solutions related to ecommerce, logistics, or technological innovation, this list of companies presents a valuable potential client base. It is a ready-made dataset of leads that require advanced ecommerce logistics solutions.

Insights from the list can, for example, help identify opportunities to offer complementary technologies or services that enhance the benefits these companies already derive from Budbee. If a business offers products or services that align with logistics, ecommerce, or digital tech spheres, this list represents a significant advantage in identifying compatible prospects. Each company on the list could potentially represent a new business partner, client, or affiliate.

Identifying trends and patterns within a list of companies using Budbee’s logistics services also enables sales teams to better understand the needs and behaviours of the ecommerce logistics sector. This insight can empower them to tailor solutions, presentations, and pitches to specifically address concerns, challenges, and objectives typical for companies working with Budbee.

To summarize, a list of companies using Budbee provides leads for sales teams by offering insights into a segment of the ecommerce market committed to leveraging cutting-edge logistics solutions. It aids in targeting potential clients, understanding sector trends, and tailoring sales approaches. By leveraging this list for lead generation, sales teams can maximise their efficiency and efficacy.

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