I apologize, but there seems to be a confusion here. BRT is not just an Italian-based logistics service provider. BRT also stands for Bus Rapid Transit, which is a transportation concept that aims to provide fast, efficient and reliable public transport services using dedicated lanes, priority at intersections, and high-frequency services. BRT systems typically feature modern, articulated buses equipped with low floors for easy boarding, off-board fare collection systems to reduce waiting times, and real-time passenger information displays to keep passengers informed about arrival times and schedules. The main goal of BRT is to offer an alternative to private car use by providing a more convenient, safe, and affordable option that can reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, and promote sustainable mobility in urban areas. BRT has been implemented successfully in many cities around the world, including Bogota, Mexico City, Istanbul, and Guangzhou, among others. In summary, BRT is a transportation system that provides fast, efficient, and reliable public transport services using dedicated bus lanes, modern buses, and smart technology solutions. It aims to reduce car dependency, improve urban mobility, and promote sustainability in cities.

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251 Companies using BRT


ventis is a lifestyle-foc..

33$43K - $21K$121K italy83%
Empower Africa

driving business in afric..

15$30K - $17K$56K sierra leone8%
Brasco International, Inc..

state-of-the-art transit ..

43$39K - $45K$0 united states ..14%

committed to collaboratio..

61$15K - $41K$0 united states ..95%
Antifriction Components L..

making industry more prof..

90$10K - $28K$21K united kingdom..46%
Lee Biosolutions, Inc. – ..

34$16K - $10K$33K united states ..39%

supplements and dermocosm..

2$21K - $21K$0 italy61%
SES Autoparts

13$40K - $49K$82K united kingdom..82%

la nostra boutique a casa..

6$2K - $23K$85K italy49%
BRT Corriere Espresso

2,864$10K - $3K$77K italy63%
Greater Cleveland RTA

connecting the community

638$10K - $33K$425K united states ..86%
BH Salon Company MashUp H..

32$7K - $3K$53K italy80%
rmt - technologies de pes..

nos produits optimisent l..

14$7K - $24K$0 canada17%
PT. Mekar Armada Jaya

PT Mekar Armada Jaya, per..

546$40K - $16K$84K indonesia35%
Global Mass Transit

information & analysis on..

28$5K - $17K$819 india54%

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How to use BRT

BRT, also known as Bartolini, is an Italian-based logistics service provider that offers various shipping and delivery services to its customers. Here are the steps on how to use BRT for your shipping needs:

  1. Go to the BRT website: Start by visiting the BRT website to get information about their services. You can also create an account by registering on their platform.

  2. Select the service you need: After creating an account, choose the type of shipping service you need. BRT offers several options, such as express delivery, standard delivery, and international shipping.

  3. Place your order: Once you have selected the type of shipping service you need, proceed to place your order. Enter the pickup location, destination, weight, and dimensions of the package.

  4. Schedule a pickup: BRT will provide you with a date and time for the pickup of your package. Ensure that someone is available to hand over the package to the courier at the scheduled time.

  5. Tracking your package: BRT provides a tracking number for each shipment. This enables you to track your package in real-time and know when it arrives at the destination.

  6. Delivery confirmation: When your package arrives at the destination, BRT will send you a delivery confirmation via email or text message.

  7. Payment: You can make payment for the shipment using various payment options available on the BRT website.

In summary, using BRT for your logistics needs is straightforward. Simply visit their website, select the type of shipping service you need, place your order, schedule a pickup, track your package, receive delivery confirmation, and make payment.

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