Brilliant Web-to-Lead
Brilliant Web-to-Lead

Brilliant Web-to-Lead is a plugin that enables the integration between WordPress websites and Salesforce CRM accounts. This plugin allows for the exchange and synchronization of data, making it easier for businesses to manage their leads and customer information. It works by creating web forms on WordPress sites that can be filled out by visitors, which then automatically creates new lead records in Salesforce. The plugin maps the form fields to corresponding fields in Salesforce, ensuring that the data entered is stored accurately. With this integration, businesses can streamline their lead generation process and avoid manual data entry, saving time and reducing errors.

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33 Companies using Brilliant Web-to-Lead

the ark development

the ark development is sp..

43$22K - $23K$72K egypt52%
Miami DDA

The Miami Downtown Develo..

24$12K - $3K$35K united states ..10%
GDW Global Digital Women ..

making the world more dig..

19$39K - $46K$68K germany68%
Skeleton Key Strategies

unlock the power of nonpr..

3$15K - $34K$90K united states ..12%
Virgo Business Centers

Innovative private and pr..

13$31K - $8K$68K united states ..85%
Broadband Solutions

Smarter & More Innovative..

70$45K - $46K$70K australia94%
Ennovative Pty Ltd

26$28K - $34K$76K australia82%
gruppo lapis pubblicità

diamo spazio alle tue ide..

6$32K - $20K$94K italy44%
Down Under Centre

one stop centre for migra..

16$37K - $29K$71K united kingdom..2%
Daymond John's Impact Com..

-$28K - $32K$80K united states ..92%

The Biopolymer Company

10$9K - $42K$4K -89%
introPROTECT - Backdoor &..

recruiters rely on us to ..

4$11K - $42K$58K united kingdom..22%
PainLess Hire

painless hire; delivering..

4$21K - $24K$8K united states ..93%
Arcotecho Perú

Líder en fabricación y mo..

28$20K - $36K$2K peru34%
Etsa Perú

21$35K - $43K$8K peru92%

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How to use Brilliant Web-to-Lead

Brilliant Web-to-Lead plugin is a useful tool that allows you to integrate WordPress installations with Salesforce CRM accounts, enabling the exchange and synchronization of data. Here are the steps to use this tool:

  1. Install Brilliant Web-to-Lead plugin: You can download this plugin from the WordPress Plugin repository. Once downloaded, install and activate it.

  2. Configure plugin settings: After activation, go to the plugin settings page and configure the settings according to your requirements. You will need to provide your Salesforce account credentials and specify the fields you want to capture on your lead form.

  3. Create a web-to-lead form: Next, create a web-to-lead form using the plugin's built-in form builder. You can customize the fields and form layout according to your needs. After creating the form, publish it on your website.

  4. Test the integration: To test the integration, fill out the form on your website and submit it. If the integration is set up correctly, the lead data should be automatically sent to your Salesforce account.

  5. Review and manage leads: Finally, review the leads that have been captured in your Salesforce account. You can manage them as you would any other leads in your account.

By following these steps, you can easily set up and use Brilliant Web-to-Lead plugin to integrate your WordPress site with Salesforce CRM, saving you time and effort in manually synchronizing data between the two platforms.

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