BetterDocs plugin
BetterDocs plugin

BetterDocs plugin is a tool designed to create an advanced knowledge base and documentation for WordPress sites. With this plugin, users can easily organize their content into categories, tags, and custom taxonomies, and make it searchable and accessible to their audience. BetterDocs plugin comes with several pre-designed templates that users can customize to match their branding and style. It also supports multi-language translation, making it easier for international audiences to access the information they need. The plugin offers a user-friendly interface with drag and drop capabilities, allowing users to create and edit articles without technical skills. Additionally, the plugin provides insights and analytics on article performance, helping users to optimize their content and improve engagement. Overall, BetterDocs plugin streamlines the process of creating and managing a knowledge base, making it an essential tool for WordPress site owners who want to provide their audience with accurate, organized, and accessible information.

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How to use BetterDocs plugin

BetterDocs plugin is an excellent solution for creating a knowledge base and documentation section on your WordPress website. Here are the steps to follow to use BetterDocs plugin effectively:

  1. Install and activate the BetterDocs plugin from the WordPress plugins directory or upload the zip file.
  2. After activating, you will be directed to the BetterDocs dashboard, where you can see different sections such as Categories, Tags, articles, etc.
  3. Click on the "Add New" button to create a new category or article.
  4. Add your content to the editor. BetterDocs provides a simple editor with all the necessary formatting options.
  5. You can also add tags to your article to help users find relevant content quickly.
  6. Once you have added your content, publish it, and it will be available on your website's knowledge base section.

To display the knowledge base section on your website page, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new page or edit an existing page where you want to display the knowledge base section.
  2. Insert the shortcode [betterdocs] into the page content area.
  3. Save or update the page.

Now, visit the page where you have inserted the shortcode, and you will see the knowledge base section with categories and articles.

BetterDocs also offers a few customization options that can help you change the look and feel of your knowledge base section. To access these options, go to the BetterDocs settings page, where you can customize colors, typography, and layout.

In addition to this, BetterDocs also provides some advanced features like user feedback, analytics, and live search, which can help you get insights into what your users are looking for and how you can improve your documentation.

In summary, BetterDocs is an easy-to-use plugin that can help you create a professional-looking knowledge base and documentation section for your WordPress website without any coding skills. With its powerful features and customization options, you can easily create an excellent documentation system to help your users find the information they need.

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