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Companies using Azure Front Door

Azure Front Door is a service provided by Microsoft Azure that acts as a secure entry point for delivering web applications globally. It helps to optimize the delivery of web content and services through intelligent routing decisions, load balancing, SSL offloading, and global caching. This enables faster response times for end-users and improved application performance.

Azure Front Door can manage traffic across multiple regions and endpoints while providing real-time monitoring and analytics. It also offers advanced security capabilities like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) protection, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and SSL/TLS termination. These features help protect against potential security threats and ensure compliance with industry regulations.

Overall, Azure Front Door provides a reliable, scalable, and performant solution for managing web traffic and improving user experience for global web applications.

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18,118 companies are currently using Azure Front Door


Zakeke - The Visual Comme..

create an immersive & uni..

47 Employees$16K - $13K$71K italy21%Export
Maistro Group

procurement | e-sourcing ..

40 Employees$24K - $20K$64K united kingdom..97%Export

liiva is a digital tool f..

20 Employees$3K - $22K$77K switzerland3%Export

ofsted 'outstanding' digi..

71 Employees$10K - $45K$63K united kingdom..34%Export
AutoWeb, Inc.

autoweb provides performa..

95 Employees$7K - $21K$60K united states ..92%Export

everything you need to ru..

36 Employees$21K - $25K$54K united states ..57%Export

nobody does body like us...

109 Employees$36K - $48K$80K united states ..59%Export

b2b subscription manageme..

67 Employees$1K - $16K$63K sweden42%Export
Marcel Digital

we help marketing teams b..

45 Employees$44K - $31K$82K united states ..92%Export
Single Quantum

excellence in photon dete..

53 Employees$35K - $45K$58K netherlands53%Export
BCdiploma | Blockchain Cr..

the blockchain solution f..

20 Employees$10K - $17K$99K france97%Export

a global digital transfor..

65 Employees$14K - $39K$54K united states ..65%Export
Texas Security Bank

elevating the champions o..

104 Employees$37K - $19K$80K united states ..25%Export

power what’s possible wit..

195 Employees$26K - $29K$50K france61%Export

award-winning giving plat..

93 Employees$50K - $38K$93K united kingdom..27%Export

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Using Azure Front Door for finding leads

The list of companies employing Azure Front Door can serve as a valuable resource in lead prospecting. This set provides rich insight into an extensive range of companies executing on a global scale and prioritizing secure and efficient web application delivery, which Azure Front Door is known for.

Sales teams can interpret the companies' commitment to such technologies as an openness to digitally transformative solutions. Consequently, this list becomes an avenue for identifying potential leads who value technology-forward solutions and are likely to invest in products or services that enhance their existing tech stack.

Furthermore, examining companies within the list can offer competitive intelligence. Being privy to the technologies competitors utilize can be instrumental for sales teams, allowing them to build more effective sales strategies, pitch innovative tools, or even work on cross-selling opportunities.

Learning from these companies' successes and challenges with Azure Front Door can also help sales teams pre-empt possible concerns or objections potential leads might have. This knowledge can then be used to refine product presentations or sales pitches, thus increasing the likelihood of successful conversions.

In essence, this list is a gold mine of information providing sales teams with the necessary intelligence to form more targeted, effective outreach and elevate their lead generation efforts.

Alternatives to Azure Front Door

Thera are a total of 4 alternatives available for Azure Front Door

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