Application Request Routing
Application Request Routing

Application Request Routing (ARR) is an IIS extension that lets an IIS server work as a load balancer. It routes HTTP and HTTPS requests to multiple servers to help distribute the workload efficiently. ARR provides features like SSL offloading, cookie-based session affinity, health monitoring, and URL rewrite rules to manage incoming requests intelligently. It also supports caching of both static and dynamic content for faster response times. ARR can be configured using the IIS Manager or through PowerShell, and it works with Windows Server Failover Clustering to provide high availability and fault tolerance. With ARR, organizations can build flexible and scalable web farms that can handle significant traffic loads while maintaining optimal performance.

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How to use Application Request Routing

Application Request Routing (ARR) is a useful extension for IIS that can be used to manage and distribute incoming web traffic across multiple servers. Here are some steps you can follow to use ARR:

  1. Install and Configure ARR: You will first need to install the ARR module on your IIS server. Once installed, configure ARR by setting up a server farm, which consists of one or more backend servers that will receive requests from the ARR server.

  2. Enable Load Balancing: In the server farm configuration, enable load balancing so that incoming requests are distributed evenly across all backend servers. There are different load balancing algorithms you can choose from such as round-robin, least connections, fastest response time, etc.

  3. Set Up Health Checks: To ensure that only healthy servers receive incoming requests, set up health checks. ARR can periodically check the status of each backend server, and if it detects a failure or timeout, it can automatically remove that server from the server farm until it becomes available again.

  4. Configure Caching: ARR provides caching functionality to improve performance and reduce server load. By enabling caching, ARR can store frequently requested content in memory or on disk, and serve it directly to clients without forwarding the request to backend servers.

  5. Customize Rules: ARR also allows you to create custom rules to modify incoming requests, redirect them to different servers or URLs, and perform other actions based on specific conditions. For example, you can create a rule that redirects all requests for a specific URL to a different server in the farm.

  6. Monitor Traffic and Performance: Use the ARR monitoring dashboard to view real-time traffic statistics, server health status, and other performance metrics. This information can help you identify bottlenecks, troubleshoot issues, and optimize your server farm configuration.

Overall, using Application Request Routing (ARR) can help you manage and distribute incoming web traffic more efficiently, improve application performance, and increase server reliability and scalability.

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