Application Request Routing
Companies using Application Request Routing

Application Request Routing (ARR) is an IIS extension that lets an IIS server work as a load balancer. It routes HTTP and HTTPS requests to multiple servers to help distribute the workload efficiently. ARR provides features like SSL offloading, cookie-based session affinity, health monitoring, and URL rewrite rules to manage incoming requests intelligently. It also supports caching of both static and dynamic content for faster response times. ARR can be configured using the IIS Manager or through PowerShell, and it works with Windows Server Failover Clustering to provide high availability and fault tolerance. With ARR, organizations can build flexible and scalable web farms that can handle significant traffic loads while maintaining optimal performance.

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3,051 companies are currently using Application Request Routing



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Using Application Request Routing for finding leads

The list of companies using Application Request Routing (ARR), an Internet Information Server (IIS) extension, is a valuable resource for uncovering promising leads. This list is no ordinary directory. It's a strategically curated collection consisting of organizations that appreciate technology's role in maintaining high-performing, reliable web services—companies that focus on optimizing their server resources and managing traffic for superior website performance.

From a sales perspective, this list creates a pathway towards the kind of businesses that are serious about cost-effective load balancing solutions. These are organizations that understand the significance of handling high traffic loads and the role sophisticated tools play in enhancing website performance. That means they are likely to be receptive to other technology solutions that could improve their operational efficiency.

Armed with a comprehensive list of ARR users, sales teams can identify potential clients with precision and confidence. It allows them to tailor their pitches, offering solutions that complement their prospects' existing commitment to high-quality web performance—a key factor in generating robust leads. The list cuts out superfluous information, allowing sales representatives to focus on the businesses most likely to see value in their offerings, boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of their outreach efforts.

This list is also frequently updated, helping to ensure that sales teams have access to the most current information. They can stay abreast of industry trends and avoid wasting time on companies that have changed their technology stack. Therefore, continuously updated, the list provides an ongoing flow of potential leads.

In summary, this list of companies using Application Request Routing will prove to be an indispensable tool to augment prospect identification, guided outreach, and ultimately, drive more successful conversions. It instigates a path to engaging conversations with companies that place value in advanced web technologies and could be open to further technological enhancements—an essential asset for sales teams in lead prospecting.

Alternatives to Application Request Routing

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