Companies using serves as a comprehensive payment gateway platform trusted by businesses globally for processing online financial transactions securely. As a provider of a range of payment handling options, allows businesses to accept payments via different channels. These channels include ecommerce websites, mobile devices, retail stores, and mail or telephone orders (MOTO).

Essential in enabling ecommerce, supports transactions not just in the form of traditional credit card payments, but it also facilitates electronic cheque processing. By catering to the omnichannel practices of modern commerce, it ensures businesses have the flexibility and range of options necessary for today's diverse payment ecosystem.

From the merchant's perspective, offers an efficient and reliable way to manage online transactions. It provides the necessary technology to capture payment data, securely transmit it for processing, and reliably confirm the success or failure of payment. This system mitigates the risk associated with handling sensitive financial data, fostering trust between businesses and their customers.

The service additionally comes with advanced features designed to further enhance and secure the payment process. These features include advanced fraud detection, detailed transaction reporting, and additional payment options such as recurring billing and digital payment solutions. The advanced fraud detection suite uses a combination of filters and rules to identify, manage, and prevent suspicious and fraudulent transactions. maintains a robust API, empowering developers to integrate the service seamlessly into various ecommerce platforms and custom applications. This grants businesses greater flexibility in customizing their payment processing experience to align with their specific needs. Furthermore, it provides pre-built solutions like shopping cart and donation integrations to quickly onboard businesses.

All of these attributes crystalize the role of as more than just a traditional payment processor. With flexibility, robust security, and advanced features, it serves as an essential tool for businesses to accept and manage online payments, fostering greater trust and efficiency in digital commerce.

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5,764 companies are currently using



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This curated roster of companies that employ the technology serves as an invaluable resource for sales teams looking for fresh leads. As these enterprises have trusted for their online payment gateway solutions, it signifies their need for safe, flexible, and reliable methods to accommodate payments.

By focusing on these businesses, sales teams can customize their strategy to cater to companies that value top-tier online payment solutions. This backdrop can be used to highlight specific products or services aligning with this preference, enabling a more targeted approach and facilitating relevant conversations with potential leads.

Additionally, with a versatile mix of enterprises on the list - from e-commerce startups to established retail stores - it provides an array of business types and sizes. This diversity enables sales teams to discover new verticals, broaden their prospecting horizon, and target varying scales of businesses, all of which could lead to potential untapped markets.

This list streamlines lead generation, saving time and resources that would otherwise be spent on extensive research. With accessible information about companies utilizing, the sales teams' efforts can be more concentrated, fostering a more fruitful conversion process.

In a nutshell, this list not only presents a boundary for targeted prospecting but also unveils potential opportunities by featuring companies that already understand the relevance and impact of choosing a leading online payment service like

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