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Astra Widgets is a free plugin designed to work with the Astra Theme. It enables users to easily display address, list icons or social profiles on their website. This widget is very useful for users who want to showcase their business address or social media accounts on their website without needing to write any code. With Astra Widgets, users can customize the look and feel of the widgets to match their website's theme. Additionally, Astra Widgets offers a simple drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for users to add these widgets to their website's pages.

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8,299 companies are currently using Astra Widgets


Gray, Gray & Gray

we give you the power of ..

148 Employees$25K - $9K$77K united states ..
Procurement Heads

award-winning | procureme..

32 Employees$6K - $19K$56K united kingdom..92%Export
EPIC iO Technologies

striving to make organiza..

105 Employees$3K - $12K$82K united states ..64%Export

b-sharpe est une société ..

23 Employees$27K - $22K$71K switzerland53%Export
Common Impact

catalyzing a new, connect..

29 Employees$18K - $41K$67K united states ..87%Export
Amolyt Pharma

advancing peptides for th..

64 Employees$49K - $12K$66K france65%Export
Advertise Purple

award-winning marketing a..

142 Employees$40K - $10K$70K united states ..43%Export
NDS Surgical Imaging

Innovation That Matters. ..

105 Employees$10K - $9K$50K united states ..78%Export
CityBase, Inc

a leading provider of saa..

85 Employees$21K - $12K$93K united states ..92%Export


27 Employees$19K - $7K$65K united states ..2%Export
Artisan 34

bring inspiration home

29 Employees$41K - $11K$63K united states ..79%Export

innovation in high level ..

57 Employees$9K - $36K$87K france13%Export
Ryax Technologies

build your ai/llm applica..

9 Employees$30K - $28K$74K france5%Export

comprehensive, integrated..

38 Employees$3K - $18K$59K united states ..35%Export
Focus Technology

boston's leading provider..

130 Employees$49K - $14K$89K united states ..7%Export

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Using Astra Widgets for finding leads

This list of companies that employ Astra Widgets is a specially curated goldmine of high potential prospects for sales teams. It showcases a diverse range of firms that have recognized and leveraged the robustness of Astra Widgets within the Astra Theme.

Sales teams can capitalize on this information in several ways:

  1. By identifying a target audience: The list provides an array of businesses that find value in Astra Widgets. These businesses, already understanding the benefits of web plugins, are more likely to be open to complementary or competitive solutions.

  2. Through streamlined preparation: Knowing which technologies a company is already utilizing allows a sales team to better customize their sales pitch. With knowledge of their use of Astra Widgets, sales teams can showcase how their product or service integrates well with or enhances this technology.

  3. By spotting potential partners: Companies using Astra Widgets are likely invested in improving their online presence. Sales teams offering web-oriented services, plugin enhancements, or digital tools will find a ready audience within these companies.

  4. By conducting competitive analysis: Sales teams can better understand trends within their competitive environment by studying businesses that use Astra Widgets.

  5. With focused marketing efforts: Regional or industry-level clustering of Astra Widgets usage can provide valuable insights for focused marketing campaigns.

A well-crafted sales strategy, driven by such a comprehensive and specialized list, is an invaluable asset. It illuminates the path towards high-value targets, accelerating the lead-generation process while maximizing efficiency and results. Hence, leveraging this list of Astra Widgets users can vastly enhance the effectiveness of sales teams' prospecting efforts.

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