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ApexPages is a technology used in Salesforce development to create custom user interfaces for Salesforce applications. It provides the framework for building visual elements such as forms, tables, and charts that interact with Salesforce data.

Developers can use ApexPage tags in Visualforce pages to create and customize user interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These pages can then be embedded within Salesforce applications or displayed on external websites.

ApexPages also provides a rich set of functionality for handling user input, validating user input, and rendering data. For example, developers can use the ApexPages controller class to define the behavior of a page, including what data is displayed and how it is manipulated by users.

In addition, ApexPages provides a set of standard controllers for common objects in Salesforce, such as accounts, contacts, and opportunities. These standard controllers provide basic functionality out of the box, but can be customized to meet specific business requirements.

Overall, ApexPages is a powerful tool for building custom user interfaces that integrate seamlessly with Salesforce applications. It allows developers to create visually appealing and intuitive interfaces that enhance the user experience and help drive business success.

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228 companies are currently using ApexPages


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12 Employees$30K - $25K$58K united states ..9%Export
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18 Employees$7K - $45K$98K united states ..46%Export
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20 Employees$13K - $25K$81K united kingdom..82%Export
Parts Distributing Compan..

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20 Employees$17K - $43K$62K united states ..44%Export
Noise Solution

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13 Employees$20K - $17K$93K united kingdom..25%Export
Stony Point, Inc.

salesforce user training,..

24 Employees$34K - $39K$83K united states ..52%Export
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a canadian run business s..

64 Employees$4K - $15K$80K canada23%Export
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7 Employees$40K - $14K$79K united states ..54%Export
SITE Centers

206 Employees$19K - $10K$63K united states ..82%Export

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Using ApexPages for finding leads

The extensive list of companies using ApexPages as a part of their tech stack is an invaluable resource that can tremendously help sales teams find new leads. These companies, disclosed on this page, are amenable to utilizing tech-centric solutions, such as ApexPages, to optimize their business processes. This already indicates their willingness to invest in advanced web-based technologies, hence making them potential prospects for other relevant tech solutions.

Sales teams can leverage this list by first understanding companies' current use of ApexPages, indicating their requirement for this specific web technology. Consequently, sales teams can strategically position their products or services that align with these companies' technological preferences or future needs. Each company on this list can potentially be a high-value lead for businesses selling tech-related products, services or solutions that compliment ApexPages.

Moreover, if a sales team's offerings complement or enhance the functionality of ApexPages, this list serves as an ideal starting point for targeting. Instead of starting lead generation from scratch, sales teams can prioritize their outreach efforts to these companies, realizing faster sales cycles and more efficient conversion rates. This targeted approach not only reduces the time spent in the early stages of lead identification but also increases the likelihood of engagement due to a match in existing tech usage.

With detailed insights available about each company on the list - including their size, industry, and location - sales teams have a unique opportunity to tailor their approach to best fit individual prospects. Specific strategic plans can be developed for different segments, aligning the proposition to the company's needs and context.

It's clear to see that the information provided on this page offers a strategic edge to sales teams. Not only does it provide a pool of qualified leads, but it also empowers sales teams to approach their prospects with a more personalized and relevant proposition, significantly boosting chances of success in lead conversion.

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