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AMP for WordPress is a plugin that integrates Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) functionality into WordPress websites. The AMP project aims to speed up the loading of mobile web pages, providing a better user experience for mobile users. With this plugin, the pages on your WordPress site will be automatically converted into AMP format when accessed from a mobile device, reducing page load times and delivering a faster website experience. The plugin provides built-in support for analytics, social media, and ad networks, allowing publishers to track performance, share content on social media channels, and monetize their content through ads. Additionally, the plugin offers various design options, so publishers can customize the look and feel of their AMP pages to match their brand identity. Overall, AMP for WordPress improves the mobile web experience, making it faster and more accessible for users, while also providing publishers with tools to optimize their content for mobile audiences.

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2,166 companies are currently using AMP for WordPress


Telecoms Traders Ltd

your trusted multi-vendor..

10 Employees$8K - $28K$81K united kingdom..32%Export
OnSource Online

72 Employees$21K - $10K$94K united states ..38%Export
accelerated equity insigh..

...a techstars backed com..

6 Employees$13K - $7K$50K united states ..99%Export
Code & Pepper

any software developer ca..

39 Employees$34K - $9K$87K poland39%Export
COWGIRL Magazine

inspiring the modern west..

13 Employees$18K - $21K$64K united states ..48%Export

11 Employees$40K - $30K$68K united states ..29%Export
Prosoft, IT Staffing and ..

26 Employees$45K - $1K$74K united states ..32%Export

everything as a service

7 Employees$3K - $32K$66K cyprus50%Export
City of Cleveland Departm..

5 Employees$2K - $42K$86K united states ..21%Export
Ideal Interface Ltd

digital strategy, deliver..

4 Employees$48K - $22K$93K united kingdom..70%Export
GME Painting Contractors ..

commercial and industrial..

4 Employees$8K - $22K$79K united kingdom..30%Export

california explained.

119 Employees$39K - $14K$95K united states ..50%Export
Foreign Press Association..

the fpa is the oldest - a..

16 Employees$10K - $33K$86K united kingdom..64%Export
Lindeblad a/s

6 Employees$36K - $33K$87K denmark67%Export
Ventura Partners, Inc.

9 Employees$19K - $27K$58K united states ..48%Export

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Using AMP for WordPress for finding leads

This list contains companies harnessing the power of AMP for WordPress, serving as a valuable asset for sales teams. These firms present potential prospects in the digital solutions space, as they showcase a commitment to improving mobile user experience and site performance.

When sales teams access a list featuring companies using AMP for WordPress, they tap into a resource that can help identify potential leads with precision. These companies are bridging the gap between traditional navigation methods and the burgeoning mobile web scene, signifying their forward-thinking approach and receptivity to digital innovations.

Moreover, gauging the interest of these businesses in advanced solutions such as AMP for WordPress also becomes feasible. The inherent value of the technology suggests potential interest in similar performance, SEO, or digital experience optimization solutions.

Therefore, this list serves two primary purposes anticipating pertinent business needs:

  1. Identifying businesses with a focus on web technologies, and
  2. Assessing technology adoption tendencies, leading to the establishment of potential clients.

The mission is to build a network of businesses willing to invest in technologies that improve web performance and user experience. Sales teams empowered with such insights can streamline their lead generation process accordingly. Armed with this information, they are better positioned to offer relevant solutions, hence enhancing their chances of successful client acquisition.

Discovering the right prospect at the right time is integral to sales success. The list of companies using AMP for WordPress can act as a bridge towards this goal, connecting sales personnel with potential clients who value ground-breaking web technology tools.

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