AMP for WordPress
AMP for WordPress

AMP for WordPress is a plugin that integrates Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) functionality into WordPress websites. The AMP project aims to speed up the loading of mobile web pages, providing a better user experience for mobile users. With this plugin, the pages on your WordPress site will be automatically converted into AMP format when accessed from a mobile device, reducing page load times and delivering a faster website experience. The plugin provides built-in support for analytics, social media, and ad networks, allowing publishers to track performance, share content on social media channels, and monetize their content through ads. Additionally, the plugin offers various design options, so publishers can customize the look and feel of their AMP pages to match their brand identity. Overall, AMP for WordPress improves the mobile web experience, making it faster and more accessible for users, while also providing publishers with tools to optimize their content for mobile audiences.

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1,312 Companies using AMP for WordPress

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Midwest Airlines

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Telecoms Traders Ltd

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10$47K - $5K$4K united kingdom..91%
Ventura Partners, Inc.

12$3K - $12K$0 united states ..87%
Elasticbrains GmbH

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25$14K - $18K$90K germany86%
OnSource Online

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Code & Pepper

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174$15K - $14K$30K united states ..43%
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14$26K - $40K$13K denmark83%
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Albemarle & Bond Holdings..

43$37K - $5K$0 united kingdom..100%
Stem Lending

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3$8K - $42K$987 united states ..73%

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How to use AMP for WordPress

To use AMP for WordPress, follow these steps:

  1. Install and activate the AMP plugin for WordPress

    1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard → Plugins → Add New
    2. Search for "AMP" in the search bar
    3. Install and activate the "AMP" plugin by WordPress Contributors
  2. Configure the AMP settings

    1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard → AMP
    2. Configure the AMP settings according to your preferences
  3. Validate the AMP pages using Google's AMP validator

    1. Go to your website and add "/amp/" at the end of any post or page URL to view the AMP version of the page
    2. Copy the AMP URL and paste it into Google's AMP validator tool to validate the page
  4. Customize the AMP design and functionality (optional)

    1. Use custom CSS and AMP-compatible plugins to customize the look and feel of your AMP pages
    2. Keep in mind that some plugins may not be compatible with AMP and can break the functionality
  5. Monitor the AMP performance in Google Search Console

    1. Submit your AMP pages to Google Search Console to monitor their performance
    2. Look for any errors or warnings reported by Google and fix them accordingly

By following these steps, you can easily add AMP functionality to your WordPress site and improve its mobile-friendliness and speed.

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