Amex Express Checkout
Companies using Amex Express Checkout

Amex Express Checkout is a service that streamlines the checkout process for American Express cardholders. It automatically fills in the necessary payment information for customers during the checkout process by interacting with the merchant's website. This saves customers time and effort in entering their payment details manually. The service is available to merchants who have integrated it into their websites and support American Express as a payment method. With Amex Express Checkout, customers can complete their transactions quickly and securely without having to enter their card information every time they make a purchase. This reduces the likelihood of errors and also provides an additional layer of security to protect against fraud.

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35 companies are currently using Amex Express Checkout



6 Employees$37K - $12K$97K united states ..35%Export
Kabbage from American Exp..

helping simplify cash flo..

160 Employees$36K - $30K$100K united states ..75%Export
Mezi (acquired by America..

12 Employees$10K - $47K$71K united states ..65%Export

with the powerful backing..

272 Employees$9K - $14K$99K united states ..32%Export

31 Employees$8K - $7K$98K united states ..81%Export
American Express Business..

with the powerful backing..

1,281 Employees$15K - $27K$51K united states ..42%Export
Servy (Acquired by Amex’s..

2 Employees$8K - $46K$75K united states ..51%Export
American Express Middle E..

don't live life without i..

405 Employees$39K - $36K$84K bahrain24%Export
High-Five Capital

we connect you with resou..

1 Employees$38K - $14K$57K united states ..58%Export
Sagaponack NYC

serving seafood & quality..

5 Employees$36K - $11K$92K united states ..75%Export
American Express

77,535 Employees$18K - $22K$63K united states ..32%Export
DSIM weekend

10 Employees$41K - $2K$76K india97%Export
American Express HR

12 Employees$16K - $18K$75K india73%Export
Kabbage Small Business Lo..

Financing up to $250,000 ..

1 Employees$36K - $17K$78K united states ..14%Export
Kabbage Solutions

1 Employees$10K - $3K$97K -44%Export

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Using Amex Express Checkout for finding leads

This curated list of companies adopting Amex Express Checkout can serve as a valuable resource for sales teams hunting for qualified leads. It provides insights into businesses that value streamlined, efficient online transaction systems and are willing to adopt innovative technology to enhance customer experience.

The list acts as a potent tool for identifying potential clients who prioritize customer convenience in transactions, indicative of their forward-thinking approach towards improving customer journey. By focusing on this group of companies, sales teams can tailor their strategies to align with these prospects' preferences and pain points around online payment solutions and thereby increase the likelihood of successful engagement.

Moreover, understanding the companies that utilize Amex Express Checkout can also allow sales teams to identify common trends and characteristics among these businesses. It's a springboard for industry analysis, opening opportunities for market segmentation based on the adoption of specific technologies. Utilizing this data for sector and market sizing enables more precise targeting and efficient allocation of sales resources.

Lastly, the list of companies implementing Amex Express Checkout can give cues about the potential network of these businesses. Appreciating this network could offer opportunities to identify additional leads or gain insights into strategic partnerships, offering a broader perspective on market dynamics.

In summary, the adoption of Amex Express Checkout by businesses in this list signifies their commitment to enhancing customer experience, and understanding this trend can arm sales teams with the necessary insights to find, approach, and engage potential leads effectively.

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