Companies using ScandiPWA

ScandiPWA is a progressive web application (PWA) theme built using React technology and designed for Magento 2. It's a modernized upgrade to the traditional Magento 2 storefront, offering faster loading times, improved user experience, and better performance on mobile devices. ScandiPWA allows developers to create highly customizable, SEO-friendly, and responsive web applications that run seamlessly across multiple platforms. The theme is open-source and provides an extensive set of features and pre-built integrations to simplify the development process. Additionally, ScandiPWA offers advanced caching mechanisms, offline support, push notifications, and other PWA-specific capabilities that help improve user engagement and conversion rates. With ScandiPWA, businesses can deliver exceptional shopping experiences to their customers while leveraging the power of Magento 2's backend functionalities.

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35 companies are currently using ScandiPWA


Baker Creek Heirloom Seed..

our passion is saving, gr..

38 Employees$29K - $14K$64K united states ..93%Export
Mondo Convenienza


3,231 Employees$25K - $5K$78K italy9%Export
Rockler Companies, Inc.

create with confidence wi..

256 Employees$28K - $49K$75K united states ..82%Export
National Lighting

it takes nearly 30 years ..

41 Employees$9K - $44K$98K united kingdom..90%Export

powered by nordic innovat..

57 Employees$16K - $12K$77K denmark59%Export
Tiger-One Distribution

tiger-one distribution ar..

14 Employees$28K - $35K$93K spain56%Export

bangladesh's #beautybff |..

11 Employees$3K - $47K$77K bangladesh86%Export

w domu najlepiej

13 Employees$7K - $26K$96K poland68%Export

volcano - all conditions ..

40 Employees$5K - $23K$97K poland52%Export
Bellinger House

the corporate company beh..

36 Employees$34K - $35K$58K denmark84%Export

15 Employees$50K - $23K$59K netherlands97%Export
Mikado Group SIA / PLAZA

7 Employees$34K - $21K$82K latvia82%Export

3 Employees$35K - $38K$72K netherlands21%Export

inspirujemy, doradzamy i ..

2 Employees$21K - $6K$96K poland60%Export
AllHome Corp

your one-stop shop for yo..

362 Employees$10K - $46K$57K philippines29%Export

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Using ScandiPWA for finding leads

This page contains a list of companies leveraging ScandiPWA, a cutting-edge Magento 2 PWA theme developed using React. This serves as a valuable resource for sale teams keen on finding prospective B2B opportunities.

Value emanates from this list through depth of insight into the company's technology stack. If a company is using ScandiPWA, it indicates an effort to mitigate the complexity of native app development, focus on flawless user experiences, and accelerate loading times for their websites.

Such information makes these companies viable targets for businesses offering complementary solutions, like Magento extensions, React development tools, or other PWA-focused products and services. Furthermore, these companies are likely tech-forward, thus may be open to new technologies that can optimize their operations.

For sales teams seeking leads, this list can help prioritize outreach efforts. These potential leads are already aware of the benefits that modern web technologies bring, narrowing down the sales effort to showcasing why the team's offering best enhances their current infrastructure.

Similarly, it provides a lead qualification tool. Companies on this list share a common trait—they value advanced web technology, specifically in their e-commerce efforts. It's a significant advantage knowing that a lead has certain predispositions before making contact.

In essence, this list of ScandiPWA-using companies is an asset for sales teams, allowing targeted, value-based outreach towards prospects with demonstrated interests in synergistic technologies.

Alternatives to ScandiPWA

Thera are a total of 8 alternatives available for ScandiPWA

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