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Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) is a proprietary system designed to help IT teams manage and control devices equipped with Intel CPUs from a remote location. AMT allows IT professionals to perform tasks such as updating the BIOS, reinstalling an operating system, monitoring hardware usage, and even remotely powering on or off a device. AMT operates independently of the operating system, meaning it can be accessed and controlled even when the device is turned off or the OS is unresponsive.

AMT works by utilizing a separate microcontroller embedded within the Intel CPU chipset that has its own network interface and is generally independent of the main OS. Communication between the microcontroller and remote management console is performed using encrypted communication channels. AMT also includes security features such as user authentication and access control.

While AMT can be a powerful tool for IT teams, it has also been the subject of controversy due to potential security vulnerabilities. Some experts have raised concerns about the possibility of cyber attackers exploiting these vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to devices running AMT.

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AV Toy Store

- Employees$21K - $41K$74K united states ..83%Export

Using Intel Active Management Technology for finding leads

The list of companies presented on this page offers a comprehensive inventory of businesses that utilize Intel Active Management Technology (AMT), an esteemed remote management and control system for personal computers - specially those equipped with Intel CPUs. This collection of corporations provides immense value to sales teams in numerous ways.

Having access to this list allows sales teams to strategize their operations based on accurate, up-to-date information. Instead of resorting to speculative lead generation, they can now focus their resources on firms that have a known interest in AMT. This ease of target market identification not only amplifies the efficacy of sales efforts but also saves significant time and resources.

Moreover, the list serves as a research tool, enabling sales representatives to create personalized marketing strategies. Each company on the list is potentially a unique sales opportunity. Understanding their current use of AMT may help to highlight potential upselling or cross-selling of related products or services.

In essence, this list is a vital sales intelligence tool, providing visibility into the market landscape of Intel AMT users. Knowledge is a powerful asset in the competitive environment of sales, and this list provides just that - an encompassing overview of companies that might be seeking advanced solutions or potentially looking to enhance their existing systems.

Additionally, acknowledging the companies on this list can aid in spotting industry trends and identifying sectors that could be more inclined towards Intel's technology. By understanding such inclinations, sales teams can prioritize their lead generation efforts based on the sectors that showcase the highest propensity towards Intel AMT.

In conclusion, for sales teams, having access to a comprehensive list of businesses that actively use Intel AMT is a powerful asset. It not only enhances the efficiency of lead prospecting but also provides a valuable insight into market trends, thereby boosting the overall sales performance.

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