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Happy Returns is a return software and reverse logistics company that offers an eco-friendly, in-person option for customers to return their online purchases. With Happy Returns, customers can receive an instant refund without having to worry about packaging or shipping the item back. This service provides convenience for the customers, as they can return their items at one of the many locations provided by Happy Returns. It also helps companies reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating unnecessary packaging materials and transportation emissions associated with traditional returns. By providing a simple and efficient method of returning unwanted items, Happy Returns aims to improve the customer experience while promoting environmental sustainability.

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167 companies are currently using Happy Returns



fewer, better things

130 Employees$5K - $23K$69K united states ..62%Export
Birdy Grey

birdy grey is a digital-n..

80 Employees$26K - $46K$98K united states ..78%Export
Happy Returns a PayPal co..

we make returns beautiful..

119 Employees$40K - $44K$52K united states ..83%Export
Grey State Apparel

sustainable, ethical wome..

13 Employees$46K - $35K$53K united states ..40%Export

your style, inspired.

166 Employees$32K - $21K$55K united states ..20%Export
Shop the Mint

live with purpose, dress ..

33 Employees$32K - $7K$83K united states ..52%Export
Grunt Style

to be the leader in insti..

274 Employees$20K - $44K$87K united states ..55%Export

everyone has stuff, scout..

45 Employees$21K - $39K$75K united states ..54%Export
Lyle & Scott

quality menswear since 18..

169 Employees$38K - $28K$86K united kingdom..40%Export
The Frankie Shop

offering timeless staples..

78 Employees$40K - $48K$94K united states ..41%Export
Great Wrap

materials science. compos..

22 Employees$46K - $29K$63K australia13%Export

kontrolfreek is the creat..

18 Employees$8K - $2K$64K united states ..57%Export

ultralight titanium eyewe..

23 Employees$35K - $36K$96K united states ..59%Export
LIT Boutique

the modern woman works h..

35 Employees$5K - $48K$77K united states ..88%Export
Lilla P

15 Employees$43K - $21K$63K united states ..67%Export

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