Companies using Enigma


Enigma is a responsive WordPress theme created by Infigo Software that can be used for multiple purposes. Being a multipurpose theme means that it can be used for creating websites of different categories like business, portfolio, blog, education, etc. The theme is designed to be fully responsive, which means it can adapt to any screen sizes and devices like mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Enigma comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to customize the theme according to their requirements without having any coding knowledge. It has various customization options like color scheme, background image, header layout, and menu styles, etc. Additionally, Enigma provides a set of pre-designed templates, widgets, shortcodes, and page builders that enable users to create unique pages and posts within minutes.

Overall, Enigma is a popular theme that offers a visually appealing design combined with its responsiveness, multipurpose nature, and flexibility, making it a suitable choice for those looking for a versatile WordPress theme.

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1,309 companies are currently using Enigma


Anantara Solutions Pvt Lt..

digitize, automate & inno..

109 Employees$5K - $28K$99K india40%Export
Dixon Transition Society

raising community awarene..

27 Employees$19K - $41K$90K united states ..64%Export
EnigmaSoft Limited

enigmasoft provides anti-..

23 Employees$9K - $33K$52K ireland87%Export
West Hills Oil, Inc.

fueling your life

7 Employees$33K - $22K$54K united states ..50%Export
BizStrat Technology Corpo..

7 Employees$14K - $46K$74K united states ..37%Export
HORIZON JOB - André Le Gr..

#s'épanouir ensemble

21 Employees$22K - $3K$68K france47%Export

the worldwide leader in s..

32 Employees$16K - $39K$87K united states ..53%Export

we help our clients do th..

8 Employees$7K - $38K$80K india17%Export
Enigma | Sliding Pocket D..

creators of space saving ..

11 Employees$36K - $23K$68K united kingdom..11%Export
S&R Truck LLC

heavy truck equipment, tr..

12 Employees$39K - $28K$66K united states ..10%Export

measurable client success..

4 Employees$5K - $15K$77K united states ..16%Export
Enigma Alliance

building secure communiti..

4 Employees$2K - $24K$60K cyprus84%Export
ENPA ONLUS - Sezione Mila..

27 Employees$29K - $4K$52K italy4%Export
Reliant Air

serving north american ch..

28 Employees$20K - $14K$89K united states ..53%Export
CSS Facilities Services L..

facilities management and..

4 Employees$5K - $22K$76K united kingdom..88%Export

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Using Enigma for finding leads

This comprehensive list of companies utilizing the Enigma WordPress theme offers an invaluable resource for sales teams. As Enigma - a renowned superfine, multipurpose responsive WordPress theme from Infigo Software - continues to attract companies across various industries, a rich pool of potential leads emerges.

Sales teams can leverage this list to target businesses that appreciate high-quality, flexible, and adaptive web design, indicative of their potential interest in related services or products. By examining the varied usage of Enigma within the companies on the list, invaluable insights can be gathered regarding industry-specific needs and preferences for web design and functionality.

Additionally, businesses using Enigma are likely invested in maintaining a robust and engaging online presence. Sales departments offering digital marketing services, website maintenance or related plugins can identify and approach these potential leads, leveraging their use of Enigma to tailor pitches or proposals.

Furthermore, this list is constantly expanding as more businesses select Enigma for their websites, facilitating ongoing lead generation. Therefore, the strategic utilization of this list can result in successfully creating new business opportunities.

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