Companies using Docker

Docker is a software tool used for creating, deploying, and running applications using containers. A container is a lightweight, standalone executable package of software that includes everything needed to run the application code, libraries, system tools, and runtime. Docker allows developers to package an application with all its dependencies into a container, making it easier to deploy and run the application on any infrastructure. Docker provides an isolated environment for the application to run, making it more secure and reducing conflicts between different software versions or dependencies. Docker also makes it easy to manage and scale applications by allowing developers to quickly create, deploy, and move containers between environments. Docker can be used with various programming languages, frameworks, and infrastructures such as Linux, Windows, AWS, Azure, and others. In summary, Docker simplifies the process of building, deploying, and running applications by using containers.

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2,453 companies are currently using Docker


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accelerating innovation f..

69 Employees$24K - $34K$95K canada12%Export

changing the game for col..

25 Employees$32K - $42K$66K united states ..51%Export
Cinnafilm, Inc.

we build industry-leading..

13 Employees$10K - $2K$76K united states ..71%Export
Red Lobster

15,371 Employees$30K - $22K$93K united states ..87%Export

always a step ahead in ra..

119 Employees$30K - $48K$82K netherlands88%Export

providing integrated tech..

25 Employees$26K - $7K$87K united states ..6%Export
The New Arab

london based english-lang..

139 Employees$10K - $46K$59K united kingdom..32%Export
HLB Ireland

providing quality account..

44 Employees$8K - $23K$58K ireland30%Export
Second Window

desarrollamos tecnología ..

41 Employees$6K - $33K$71K spain72%Export
Nathan Love

have fun. do great work. ..

34 Employees$48K - $20K$64K united states ..52%Export

geekflare is an online pu..

47 Employees$22K - $47K$81K united kingdom..38%Export
HLB International

together we make it happe..

336 Employees$8K - $21K$61K united kingdom..83%Export
TomorrowToday Global

we help clients around th..

12 Employees$13K - $41K$56K united kingdom..10%Export
Family Christian

638 Employees$2K - $10K$53K united states ..21%Export

horasis hosts annual econ..

36 Employees$11K - $34K$59K switzerland55%Export

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Using Docker for finding leads

The list of companies utilizing Docker reveals an array of industries and sectors embracing innovative technology solutions. The inherent value this list provides is both broad and significant. Specifically, it elucidates businesses that are leveraging a cutting-edge, containerized approach towards software development and deployment.

This database could be instrumental for sales teams in identifying prospective leads. It comprises entities that clearly value tech-forward strategies, implying an openness to consider other innovative solutions conducive to their operational efficiency. When sales teams know a company is already using advanced technology like Docker, they can approach them with tailor-fit solutions, thus increasing their likelihood of securing conversions.

From a lead qualification perspective, a Docker user is likely to be technologically savvy and prone to embrace solutions that simplify processes or increase productivity. Thus, having access to a list of Docker-using companies provides a refined audience that fosters effective and focused prospecting.

Additionally, the list serves as an indicator of the company size and potential budget. Docker is often used in larger projects, which suggests these companies may have a budget to accommodate significant technological investments.

Hence, this database of Docker-using companies is instrumental in providing crucial insights, paving the way for informed decision-making, more fruitful engagements, and ultimately, streamlining the lead prospecting process.

Alternatives to Docker

Thera are a total of 3 alternatives available for Docker

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